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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Your Sunday Morning Turboprop Noise

Mitsubishi MU-2:

Mooney built them under license for a few years.

The MU-2 had a high accident rate. Roll control was via spoilers, not ailerons. What that meant was that on landing, a pilot could not "pick a wing up" by rolling the wheel in the other direction. Insurance companies stepped in by, in essence, requiring type training for pilots. That changed things.

Frank Borman owned and flew MU-2s.

For someone who recognizes that a MU-2 requires the discipline and training of flying a jet, they're available at pretty decent prices.


CenterPuke88 said...

Very tidy little performer...saw quite a few in the 90’s, and they seemed to vanish by about 2002. Haven’t worked one in years.

B said...

nice airplanes. There's a guy who hangars near me that has one. Never flown it or even looked insine, but it is a pretty airplane and seems pretty fast with a good payload.

Deadstick said...

A Denver check-hauling operator had TWO MU-2 crashes at KAPA in 2005.

Ten Bears said...

This is a fun read, for fixed-wingers. It's only a matter of time ...

Old NFO said...

Yep, touchy handling and required their own type rating. But way too late for a lot of dead pilots.

Tod Germanica said...

Supposed to have extreme pitch problems on landing.

B said...


What does Coal powered airplanes have to do with the MU-2?

Tod Germanica said...

Ten Bears, not to hijack the thread (much) but thanks for the link, didn't realize electric commercial aircraft were so close.

bmq215 said...

Also chiming in to say thanks, Ten Bears. I knew they had come far but not that far. Gotta imagine that the motor simplicity and inherent multi-engine design will greatly improved reliability/survivability over current single-engine civilian designs.