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Monday, October 21, 2019

Steal This For Your Own Bumpersticker!


Snowdog said...

more than one term maybe-NY is looking into state charges I think. So Federal and State.

Ed Baptist said...

Will terms be consecutive or concurrent?

dinthebeast said...

Let's see what the second circuit says tomorrow about his tax returns case.

You know, the one where the judge called his attorneys' assertion of "absolute immunity" from not just indictment, but all forms of criminal investigation of acts while he is president and before and extending to his family and associates "repugnant to the nation's governmental structure and constitutional values" when rejecting his case wholesale.

The judge also had another interesting angle on Fergus, his felons, and their felonies: That OLC memo, the one that kept Mueller from just cuffing the rat bastard and remanding him into custody, and that he's been hiding behind saying "Neener neener neener, you can't touch me" no matter what evidence piles up incriminating him?

Well, OLC is executive branch, and not binding on the judicial branch, and the judge flatly rejected the idea that a sitting president was immune from judicial proceedings.

Should be interesting to see where that one goes, especially as those financials reportedly don't agree with those tax documents in ways commonly referred to as "tax, loan, and insurance fraud" or as we're likely to know them as: "impeachment article III".

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Tax fraud, of all crimes, can be the most damaging because of the simplicity of it. It doesn’t matter that there are complex rules, etc, people relate to taxes as you earned X, you own Y. Yes, it’s too simplified, but it’s something people can relate to. If they can frame a tax fraud case in a manner that John Q. Public can relate to, he’s toast.

dinthebeast said...

Well, I don't know what the judges said, but here's what Fergus' legal team told the second circuit today:

A sitting president can not be investigated, no matter the circumstances.

When the government attorney brought up the "shoot someone on Fifth Avenue" hypothetical, Fergus' attorney replied that he could be prosecuted after he was out of office. When pressed about local law enforcement's ability to, say, prevent him from shooting anyone else, they were like: "Nope."

So Fergus' legal team just argued in federal appeals court that Fergus, as long as he holds the office of president, is free to commit murder whenever he likes, and he cannot be stopped until after he leaves office.

Yes, I understand the corner they had painted themselves into by claiming "absolute immunity" and how they had to be prepared to defend all of the consequences of such a claim, but that's the point now, isn't it?

The rules they want immunity from are there for reasons, and at this point, no hypothetical crime one could imagine is too absurd to prepare for his commission of it.

He brought this all on himself, and if we allow him to weasel out of it, if past is prologue, he will only take it as license to take his criminality up a notch or ten.

-Doug in Oakland