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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reason No. 10,392 Not to Fly the Airlines

The "Skyrider seat".

If the photo does not give you a clue as to how close those seats are, take a look at this drawing:

The distance between the seat rows would be 23". That is measured from the same point on each seat, so you'd get something like, oh, 16" or less of leg room. There is not enough room there to have your arm on the arm rest and straighten your wrist.

Compare that, if you will, to the cabin of a Boeing Stratocruiser:

Or of a DC-7:

Flying commercial is getting closer and closer to truly being like riding in a cattle car. There will probably be a dedicated place in Hell for every airline executive who orders the Skyrider seats for their airline.


Nangleator said...

The "Skyrider 69" seating arrangement isn't far away. They will try to ameliorate the comfort of the passengers by flying half the trip upside down, for those passengers who start the trip hanging from the ceiling.

The airline would like to discourage the use of the informal term, "crotch-sniff-express."

montag said...

No vibramassage for a quarter?

Eck! said...

Ignoring cramped for a moment.. that part is obvious.

If the machine they are attached to shopped short where do you figure the head of the guy one row back will be found? I figure it will have cracked the spine of the person ahead. Crash worthy, not for one second.

Why not just make every one a strap hanger, as in like NYC subway, then you could easily get six in the same space plus a bit of grouping too.

An idea, good, not.


Cujo359 said...

I don't think I'll ever fly again.

Dr. Bubbles said...

A few years ago I read that amongst themselves, cabin crew refer to passengers as 'cattle,' or something similarly herdy and lacking in respect.

bearsense said...

The term was "Geese."

Ruckus said...

Passengers have been treated like cattle for a long time. I used to fly about 25-30 weeks a year and flying commercial has made me hate flying. Standing in line in boot camp nuts to butts is just about as comfortable as flying anymore. What disgust the airlines have garnered is way overwhelmed by the Terrorist Security Assholes. But that's alright, now that flying is such a PITA, we will all just travel between work and home and be satisfied. Good little work monkeys, each and every one.