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Friday, March 24, 2023

When There's No Window Handy....

Another case of Sudden Russian Death Syndrome.

A Russian pop star was found dead this week under mysterious circumstances shortly after criticizing Vladimir Putin and the ongoing war against Ukraine, has learned.

Dmitry Svirgunov , of the popular anti-war band Cream Soda, was reportedly found dead on Monday after falling into the Volga River and drowning.

The two leading causes of death in Russia in 2023 seem to be: 1) being sent to the Ukrainian front, and 2) saying bad things about the Czar. Alcoholism is probably a distant third.


rdale said...

Ha ha, don't forget defenestration. If I was a Russian oligarch, I would never go above the ground floor in any building.

w3ski said...

Swimming in the Volga in the dead of winter. A great idea. How could anyone think it wasn't an accident? Was he fully dressed as well?