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Monday, March 27, 2023

China Has Bought Utah

Or they've bought enough politicians there. The Mormons are cozying up to the Chinese Communist Party in the hope that, if they show fealty China, that Xi will let them into China.

They're idiots, of course. They're being led down the garden path by men who are acting as Chinese agents.

One might imagine that Logan Act investigations should be commenced.

Funny how self-styled conservative Republicans are so eager to climb into bed with a Communist government.


Stewart Dean said...

Not to worry: the Great Salt Lake is finally and comnpletely drying up...and blowing away as salt and heavy metals that are poisoning Utah. The Mormons being relentless expansionists (if I understand correctly) can't conceive of conservation and limits to growth and are destroying the land in which they live.

Ten Bears said...

The Mormons declared War on the United States a hundred and fifty years ago, fleeing to Mexico when losing then sneaking back across the border ~ wetbacks ~ to infiltrate society, infiltrate the government. They are really shitty people, I know this to be true; and they haven't changed a bit, and I know that to be true too.

Most people don't get the humor, or insult, in noting that both Joseph Smith and L Ron Hubbard demonstrated beyond the shadow of doubt that you can pull a religion whole-cloth out of your hindquarters and make billions of dollars. L Ron won that bet.

I don't even think the Israelis are as racist as the Monkeys ...