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Monday, March 20, 2023

Remember What Happened After the Last European War

Czechoslovakia, among other nations, expelled their ethnic German citizens. The basis for those expulsions was pretty much "we're not going to give those fuckers that excuse to invade us again."

Fast-forward to this century. The so-called need to protect Russophone populations was one of the ginned-up rationales behind Putin's war of conquest against Ukraine. If the Ukrainians prevail, I will not be a bit surprised if the Ukrainians push the Russia-aligned civilians out of the country, followed by other countries that border Russia.


Ten Bears said...

I'm sure they'll be welcome here, just like after the last War. Set 'em up in style: buy 'em houses, cars 'n stuff, give 'em high paying government jobs, set 'em up in lucrative businesses. Establish trust-funds for their kids. Treat 'em better than the locals ...

Nebris said...

It seems that Russian speaking Ukrainians who are loyal to Ukraine are switching to speaking Ukrainian exclusively. They are 'cousin' tongues after all.