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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Censoring the Truth; Fla Ed

Erasing the issue of race makes Rosa Parks look like a crotchety woman, not a woman who was protesting segregation.

But this is what a certain set of conservatives want to have happen. They can't handle the truth about racism, slavery, Jim Crow and all of the rest of the grim tales of this country's past. You can bet that they would love to tell their kids that the Indians peacefully sold their land to the white Europeans after most of the Indians were killed off by smallpox. Texas wanted their school textbooks to refer to slaves as economic migrants until there was a hoopla about that. You can bet your ass that they buy the Dixie revisionist horseshit that the Civil War wasn't about slavery. To hear them tell it, the slaves were happy because they got free passage to the New World, they didn't have to decide what to do, what to wear, where to live, whom to mate with and they cheerfully sung hymns while rhythmically ratting their chains.


JustMusing said...

Have you seen Ron DeSatan's signature; it has no vowels. F'ing weird.

I know a scmbg when I see one, though.

He only Deserves Derision:

Doug T. said...

I think a lot of them believe that letting the “uppity Coloreds” be a part of society was our original sin.