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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Yet Another Neo-Nazi Terrorist Plot

A Maryland woman spent months conspiring with a neo-Nazi leader based in Florida to plan an attack on Baltimore’s power grid, hoping to further their racist mission, law enforcement officials said Monday.

The plan was thwarted when both suspects were arrested last week, adding to a growing list of similar cases as authorities warn the American electrical grid could be a vulnerable target for domestic terrorists.

If anything, these clowns could go away for awhile for being felons possessing guns.

What gets me is that none of these clowns ever seem bright enough to organize a two-car parade. And yet they seem to think that they're the "master race"?


seafury said...

About 1988ish or so, I was sent to a nuclear surety course put on by the Navy who know a thing or 2 about weapons security. There were a variety of speakers, and instructors, but one guy stood out. He was from Northern Ireland and had some kind of come to Jesus moment because he ended up doing security consulting for the British government. one comment stood out. "You've got to be lucky every day lads. They've only got to be lucky once". So far we've been lucky. I don't have any access to any neo Nazi brains, although one guy at work kind of try's to bring up the good things Hitler did but he's pretty harmless. How does one get from here to there? How does one get into that mind set? Especially anyone who's ever served? Really showing my naivete here I guess.

CenterPuke88 said...

Seafury, service doesn’t cause a change in the underlying desire some people have to see “their type” in charge. People with biases and phobias about people who are different can pretty easily bend their thinking to believing they are superior because…enter own choice here.

Given the results of the lockdown, I suspect lack of contacts does it to some people…just like the people you associate with does it to others.

seafury said...

Yes I could see that being true. Just seems so alien to my way of thinking. but then some people like Donald Trump.

Leo Knight said...

The woman in the plot is from my hometown.

JustMusing said...

Gird your grid.