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Sunday, February 5, 2023

If It's a Boeing 787, I'm Not Going

The upshot of this article is that the 787s made in South Carolina have had lots of quality problems.

In other words, they are shitty airplanes. They may be great airplanes to ride in, what with higher pressurization, but they are still shitty-ass airplanes.

Boeing wanted to build airplanes where they could hire cut-rate workers. And, as a result, they got cut-rate airplanes. But this is what happens when a manufacturing company is run by MBAs and beancounters, not by people who understand how to make the product.

Jack Welch's managment philosophy has done more damage to American manufacturing than any Chinese or Russian espionage/sabotage operation could have ever hoped to do.

Supposedly there's a B-school named after him.

I wouldn't hire anyone from there to dry cars at the ass end of a car wash.


montag said...

Neutron Jack (like the neutron bomb he eliminated the people and left the buildings standing) was always about extracting the accumulated corporate value for the benefit of senior management and some for stockholders. His "business strategy" was just BS to cover his greed.

Stewart Dean said...

Welch is a saint who walks on water to the suits...and a creature from the abyssal depths to anyone who actually works
I've always wondered what these *&(^heads do when they retire...kick the dog all day?
IBM Pougnkeepsie was run by one such...he all but trailed CO2 fog like Darth Vader...funny things was he was an absolute double for Pee Wee Herman.

JustMusing said...

Such is capitalism these days.

I feel very fortunate to work for a company that is absolutely committed to safety and quality and values all employees as family. But maybe that's because they are privately held. Morals and ethics are not trumped by the demand for shareholder profits and never will be. They've kept that promise for decades and is a very successful company. And, no, MBA's do not run it.