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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

SCORPION in Memphis

I've heard it said that if a police unit has a group tattoo, they're eventually going to jail. The same seems to hold true for units that have cutesy names, like "SCORPION". Without knowing jack-shit about them, I will bet that they talked about "stinging the bad guys."

The body-cam video showed that things went sideways right from the start. Without so much as a word, the cops dragged Mr. Nichols out of his car and began beating him. Cops were yelling "show me your hands" while other cops were holding his arms behind his back. and now it seems that, as Mr. Nichols sat, propped up against a tire and dying, at least one cop was taking photos with his cell phone and sharing them.

Besides these cops being fired, having their POST certificates yanked and very possibly doing time, the City of Memphis will end up signing onto a Federal consent decree.

Mark my words.

ETA: What RobertaX said.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

When does the police chief bite the bullet?

Ten Bears said...

I can state with some degree of authority that yes, some tattoos can be bad, ahhhh ... luck.

Ex-old-lady's, motorcycle clubs; gang tats are gang tats.

What amazes me is it's right there in Cop 101 ...

Spud said...

Needs be a bit of eye for an eye and publicly beat the bastards to death on live TV !