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Saturday, June 25, 2022

USA:1/3rd Theocracy, 2/3rds Republic

For now.

Your vote is the only thing that will stop this Christianist bullshit.


Jimmy T said...

Kinda get the feeling were heading toward a Rwanda moment, with the "true believers" trying to purify the rest of us, because they think there will no consequences. Sigh, as much as I dislike violence, I am well prepared for it, having been a Marine and used to handling weapons. I sure hope I'm wrong though, but the nation seems to be tearing itself apart. Poo Tin must be quite happy...

bearsense said...

Voting is like driving, to go forward, choose “D,” to go backwards, choose “R.”

w3ski said...

Government by the minority. And a religious minority at that. I wonder how long this will stand and what will be left when it is gone. Not like we don't have other pressing issues, but here we go anyway.

Tod Germanica said...

Another body blow to democracy, feels like 2016 again, Putin and traitors still winning. A slim majority gained in the teeth of voter suppression, armed Trumpite gunmen, gerrymandering and REPUBLICAN voter fraud can be easily nullified.
All our oligarchs need do is funnel that dirty Russian cash to traitors like Munchin, Cinema and the turtle (KY aluminum factory, NRA) to block democracy and advance religious fanaticism, racism and nazi ideology, now fully backed by an illegitimate treasonous supreme court headed by Ginni Thomas, insurrectionist.
So, like it or not, we will now be forced to arm up in self defense when their little Killer Kyle murderers go hunting liberals again.
It was always a lie that one Reb can beat ten Yanks but the neo-confederates are pretty sure this time will be different.
OTOH liberals can be taught firearms proficiency like sight picture, breath and trigger control, aiming for center of body mass, double taps, jam clearances etc. And vets like me, JimmyT and the Comrade are available to train them. We are all in for a long, bad, violent trip. Hang onto your butts and clean the guns.