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Friday, June 3, 2022

Antivaxxers Essentially Killed This Baby

Several years ago, I stood at my stainless steel autopsy table staring at a tiny bundle swaddled in white cotton. I had never performed an autopsy on a baby before.

Medical records indicated the 4-month-old died after 30 hours of fever and excruciating abdominal pain. She had vomited continuously, curled her knees up and screamed. Hers was not the impatient cry of hunger, discomfort, loneliness or fatigue. It was a howl of distress.
I found the cause of her desperate cries: pancreatitis.

The condition was caused by a bacterium known as Haemophilus, type B (HiB), once a common threat to children. The epidemic stopped abruptly after 1985, when two American physicians patented an immunization for HiB. By 1987, the HiB vaccine was approved for use in all age groups. Cases of Haemophilus infection in children in the United States dropped precipitously in just a few years, from more than 20,000 cases before the vaccine to just 29 cases in 2006. Deaths now occur almost exclusively among unvaccinated children.
The loving parents of the baby on my table, well-educated and well-meaning, had chosen not to immunize her. Had they succumbed to the Internet hype that immunizations cause autism? Had they ever heard of Haemophilus?

Many parents are too young to remember when young children died from measles, polio, smallpox, strep throat and influenza. They don’t remember when there was nothing that anyone could do about it except sit and watch. When the polio vaccine first appeared, mothers dragged their children to the public health clinic and stood in lines around the block to get them immunized. Before the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, pregnant women infected with rubella would invariably deliver horribly disabled and disfigured babies. Many children still die from measles; they are almost exclusively unvaccinated

The death of that child is the moral responsibility of all of those idiots who have been banging the antivaxx drum.

One might also ask if the self-styled "pro-life" crowd is going to weigh in on the importance of having children vaccinated. But I'll bet not. Their concern about life ends when the subjects of their concerns begin breathing air.


Bruce.desertrat said...

People really need to be given tours through old cemeterys and be shown then they pretty suddenly stopped being filled with graves of kids under 5 along about the mid 20th century....

Comrade Misfit said...

True. And they'll also notice that lots of people stopped dying in their forties.