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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Not a Mass Shooting, More Likely Suicide by Cop

Police quickly ended a potential siege at a children's sports camp in the Dallas area Monday when they fatally shot a gunman who had opened fire inside the complex, but did not injure anyone.

The unidentified man appeared to have fired twice in Duncanville Fieldhouse, a youth sports and training venue in the city of the same name about 13 miles south of Dallas, police said.

So the gunman goes into the place, is confronted by a staff member, doesn't shoot the staff member, goes to a gym where there are kids and doesn't shoot any of them, then he gets shot dead by the cops?

Sounds less like a "mass shooting averted by the quick response of law enforcement" and more like "suicide by cop."

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Sport Pilot said...

I agree with your assessment.