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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Russia's Army

This is a lengthy article that, in essence, posits that the Russian army, whether by corruption or by design, is essentially a hollow army without the infantry needed to conduct a sustained campaign.

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Tod Germanica said...

None of this would be happening if Ukraine had retained nukes and other potent weapons given up when the USSR fell. Ukraine used to build lots of russia's most dangerous weapons for them.
Since the Z air force is AWOL it's probably because the Ivans know it would be ground up like their pitiful airborne MPs and mercenaries were in early Ukraine battles.
Better a largely useless 'force in being' than more free scrap metal for farmers.
Just like the German Imperial dreadnoughts following Jutland. Rusty and useless, sure. But proud. Very proud scuttling losers. A 'force in being' at the bottom of Scapa Flow. That's the russian air force.