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Saturday, June 4, 2022

How Putler Has Fucked Over the Entire Planet, Forever

International efforts to combat climate change may now be impossible, thanks to the hell unleashed by the Russians.

I've been skeptical of the ability of humanity to do anything about climate change, other than suffer and die from it, taking much of the global environment with us. Dr. Teller told those fuckers in the oil industry about it 62 years ago. That knowledge was reinforced over three decades ago. Half of the atmospheric carbon emitted since the dawn of the Industrial Age has been pumped out since 1990.

Those in the position to do something about this were the Greatest Generation and the Boomers. None of the political leadership of those generations did a fucking thing of note, other than flapping thier gums. Too many companies and other jackholes have been more than willing to see the world go up in flames, just so they can make a quarterly profit. Part of this is because there are dam few corporate executives that are going to do anything that jeopardizes their bonuses, so they have been complicit in the destruction of the habitability of our only home.

So now and into the future, humanity will have to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars to adapt to a warming planet. That's even if we can; much of the natural world won't adapt and will die off. Sure, the planet's been warm before. Carbon dioxide levels have been higher. But those changes took place over thousands, if not millions of years. Not over a handful of centuries. And we could trigger something far worse.

It really doesn't matter what else we do; go to the Moon (again), establish settlements on Mars, cure cancer, ll of that will pale in comparison to our inability to do anything to save our home when we all knew damned well what was coming. Our spirits will be cursed for centuries.


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Jones, Jon Jones said...

One of the rare bonuses of being 70. The Amazon is a carbon emitter now. Carbon capture could be a thing. Nobody is talking about methane leaks all over the world.