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Friday, June 10, 2022

True, That

This was the police presence at the Capitol when there was a BLM protest:

Nothing like that was in place for Trump's Coup.


Keaaukane said...

I think saying that the Capitol Police would have gunned down Black protesters is exactly right. Watching the video of the insurrection, I was amazed by the restraint the officers showed.

Also, Colbert's comment of the committee hearing "A bittersweet moment for Donald Trump; Ivanka finally screwed him" was a great line, I wish I had come up with it.

Ten Bears said...

I think it more-the-likely she got even for screwing her ...

dan gerene said...

Every one knows the Trump supporters are perfect little angels especially the Proud Boys, the Oaf Keepers and the one with bear spray, flak vests and the ones who accidentally hit police officers with flag poles. Unlike the BlM and other protesters who interfere with tRumps photo ops and have to be forced out of parking lots.

Comrade Misfit said...

the Oaf Keepers

I am so stealing that.