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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Can Anyone Take a Stab At Explaining The Logic of This?

The Missouri Court of Appeals is siding with a woman who won a $5.2 million award against GEICO, in a case that centers on a unique auto injury claim: the woman says she contracted a sexually transmitted disease in a Hyundai sedan whose owner was insured by GEICO.

The woman, identified in court papers as M.O., says a man, identified as M.B., infected her with human papillomavirus, or HPV, when they had unprotected sex in his 2014 Hyundai Genesis.

While there might be much more to it, this seems like the sort of case that causes people to say "WFT,O" and then lose more respect for the black-robed clueless chuckleheads in the judiciary. If you have lunch in your car and contract food poisoning from the meal, in what world would you conclude that your auto insurance would have to pay for medical treatment?

But, according the esteemed judges in Missouri, they'd best pay up.

When you next renew your car insurance, look for a policy change that disclaims claims from having sex, eats, making out or anything like that there.


Eck! said...


Piper had to pay 25Million for a crash where the pilot had a lapsed BFR
making him unable to carry passenger, The plane lacked a valid annual,
and the AD Issued some 5 years earlier mandated seat belts with a
camera mounted improperly without an modification and inspection.

There is a history of courts awarding ridiculous money for even dumber
people doing insanely stupid things.

That case should have been kicked as the car was unable to grant
permission to do that and was being used illegally.

Dumbest shit I've ever heard.


dinthebeast said...

Geico still has the option of trying to prove that this wasn't covered by the actual insurance policy. What they lost at was a claim that they had been excluded from arbitration, which it very much appears that they were.
I will be surprised if they end up paying the $5.2 million.

-Doug in Sugar in Sugar Pine

Leo Knight said...

Maybe they promised the judge a percentage of the award?

dan gerene said...

So if a child is conceived in the back seat of a car who has to pay? The insurance company or the auto manufacturer for making the back seat available and just large enough. Asking for a friend and probably a few million others.

Comrade Misfit said...

Dan, that’s a fantastic idea! The lawsuits should be epic.

Eck! said...

I think two words...



All bad.