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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

What He Said

I was in error yesterday in comparing the upcoming flight of Bezos's Billionare Ego-Rocket to the suborbital flight of Alan Shepard. Bezos's space-can doesn't have a pilot, so it is more accurate to compare it to the flight of Ham.

About the best one can say for this crap is that those billionaires are providing jobs to real rocket scientists.


Tod Germanica said...

Just like Ham and the Russian dog Laika- who was allowed to die during reentry- the animals and the comic book villain plutocrats are what the original seven Mercury pilots called 'spam in a can', which they held in distain. Maybe they can pull a Laika and the world will be a better place.

Tod Germanica said...

Yet Spam is the state meat of Hawaii, served over rice with eggs. Nutritious but high in salt and anuses.

Tod Germanica said...

Jeez, I said what you already said in my comments. Sorry about that. Reading skills degraded by too much caffeine. Or spam. Good quote though. Spam, ha ha.
Speaking of me making a fool of myself again and spam, please enjoy my bass solo on tiktok:
Because as electric bass god Homer Simpson says, 'the bass is a great solo instrument.'

Eck! said...

Sub-orbital flights are mostly pointless...

The other view is that they provide experience and testing of ideas.
Doesn't hurt that rocket scientists are keep working and all the other
people that draw, drill, bolt, and slap paint on stuff.

However its not a sustainable industry until they reach the point
of supply runs and returning people from orbit. Then there is a
useful point to doing it. That means another commercial space station
needs to exist.

In the end as long as we continue to play in this gravity hole
going up a few hundred miles is still way to local in an
astronomical sense.


dinthebeast said...

At least Bezos is taking Wally Funk up there with him.
Peteykins put this on his Twitter feed as an example of why we need to tax the rich:

Toy Tales
'Legend of Zelda' Shatters World Record at $870,000 to Kick off Heritage Auctions Video Games Event via @HeritageAuction

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Tod Germanica said...

While we're at it let's tax the churches as well. If the catholics are trying to sanction Biden and the evangelicals cling to treason then they need taxation. It ain't god, it is politics. Freeloaders.

BtimesB said...

Not sure how much of a "Pilot" Alan Shepard was. He didn't pilot the rocket up and he didn't pilot the rocket down. All he did was in the apogee portion of the flight he tested the roll, yaw, and reversal functions of the capsule. Once he had it flipped over and the retro rockets fired he was done. The whole flight from launch to splash down didn't take an hour. I watched the whole thing. Bezos' ship is simply creepier because there in no one other than "HAL" to be in control during the whole flight.

Jesse said...

IDK. I would rather see them spend their own money, than mine going to some fellow singing old David Bowie songs from orbit.
Love your humor by the way. Thank you.

Jesse said...

3 minutes flight in North Carolina. A booster that landed upright. Pretty cool in my books. If it takes billionaire ticket sales to pay for the inovation I'm for it.