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Friday, July 30, 2021

An Alternative Covid Conspiracy Theory

Say that the QAnon conspiracy theorists are right that the COVID-19 virus was engineered in a lab and then deliberately released. Say that they are right in alleging that the vaccine had been designed before the virus was released.

From there, the allegation that the vaccine has a tracking chip fails for two reasons. First, I’m unaware of any means that, when drawing five doses from a single vial, that it can be assured that a single tracking chip went into each syringe. Second, there is no reason to insert tracking chips when almost every adult in the First World carried a mobile phone that they have paid for– they already can be tracked.

What would be the reason behind releasing a virus and then a vaccine along with a story that the vaccine contains a tracking chip? Who could be believe that and then refuse to take the vaccine, thereby comprising the vast majority of illnesses and deaths when a more virulent variant, Covid-19.4 is introduced?

The answer to that is clear: Conservatives. Republicans. Trump supporters. By the time that those in the conservative media realized that Covid-19.4 was burning through their viewers, their base, that the ICUs and morgues were filling up with Covid-deniers, it was too late to reverse course. Their viewers would assume that their media has bought into the vaccine lie.

Covid 19.4 is, therefore, targeted at the MAGA Mob and it is doing exactly what it was designed to do.


dinthebeast said...

I wonder what the data cap on the tracking chip is? Is the reception any better than my cheap ass smartphone? If not, then they don't know where I am about 85% of the time...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

B said...

Oddly, the only folks I know that think there is some kind of tacking chip vote Democrat...and they are ignoran as to how the supposed chip could get into them, or how it would be powered...and yes, like all of us, they carry a mobile tracking device with them everywhere.

I think, however, that you are inflating the thought that the virus was created in a lab in Wuhan (it likely was) and that it somehow escaped (probably did), (even the Biden administration is agreeing) and the fact that China failed to alert the rest of the world until too late (this also is true) the claim that it was deliberately released...It is a tactic that Liberals use often.....Derision rather than refutation.
Almost the correct story, with JUST that tiny bit of untruth so you can laugh at someone...rather than actually refute the idea with facts.

Eck! said...

What how, replacing the battery for the data chip must be a bear.

Data cap? Maybe a few bits and then the microscopic battery dies.

As an antenna engineer, a chip to do that would be larger than
a horse pill and would be good for a few feet at best. All that
salt makes the body conductive and literally shorts out the
antenna making the signal very weak.

Lot of testing in body analogs, some real. Not practical.

Mostly wishful thinking and research grate effort.
But hey, its Q.


Tod Germanica said...

Even the Republican financiers are grudgingly, hesitately changing tunes on the anti-vax at Fux as the demographics literally start to decimate the party in the Roman army sense of the word.
But they have no influence on the source of the money and the agitprop social media and hacking machinery fomenting US racism, hatred and unrest. Murderous little thug plutocrat (and richest person in the world?) Vlad Putin, the poison master and defenestrator in chief is the piper calling the treason tune. And continued treason and disinformation and mass death in the US are just his joy.
So the lies, disloyalty to the US and the covid deaths continue and accelerate with each mutation. As long as Putin deems it good and can afford to pay for it. Buying and cultivating the Manchurian president stills pays Putin dividends. It's over when Vlad says it's over. So let the unnecessary mass deaths march on, Republicans. Both sides don't do it. You alone do the treason and the death cult thing. Own it.

DTWND said...

B, again your points are misleading and deflecting.

1) The only folks you know that think there are tracking devices are Democrats? First, that’s a small sample size, means nothing. Second, the excuse NOT to get vaccinated because of “trackers” does not correlate with the stats that 75% of Democrats are vaccinated vis 41% of Republicans. These numbers are from the Kaiser Foundation as reported by US News and World Report (There’s my references).

Your inference about the creation, release, notification, and response to the virus is still speculation. Your use of ‘likely’ and ‘probably’, show that you are injecting Your “feelings” into the argument. Then you once again use your small sample size to come to the conclusion that Liberals alone use derision as a tactic in debating issues. By making statements such as those, you infer that Conservatives are altruistic and what they say should be believed without question.

Finally, you deride the host with the claim of twisting the story, on Her Own Blog, for her amusement and the derision of others, while disregarding facts. Yet you appear regularly in the comments spinning a viewpoint that seems to be mostly contradictory about any subject, twisting the conversations with a conservative bias.

Hello, Pot. This is Kettle. You’re black.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

It's highly unlikely that the virus escaped from the lab for many reasons one of which it most likely started outside of Wuhan. Look at when the DPRK hard shut their border for starters.

The reductio stands on it's merits and B gets another red card

Jimmy T said...

Well I got vaccinated and then this happened...

Comrade Misfit said...

I’m sorry that the nature of my post being tongue-in-cheek flew waaay over the heads of some folks.


dan gerene said...

My brother-in-law, a retired Lt.Col. (special knowledge) and self proclaimed conservative said at the beginning of the pandemic that it was a Chinese bio weapon so it must be true. Since he is one of the two people I know that openly and loudly state that they are conservatives that means that 50% of the conservatives believe we are under a biological attack by China. But since he retired 10 years ago he had to go to a conspiracy fantasy site to get his information.

B said...

JJ: Not your wheelhouse to assign cards M'boy.

D: I use "Likely" and "Probably" because I cannot prove those as facts. Having said that, it is likely, even the CIA and now, amazingly, the Biden Administration believes it to be true. No one will ever know for sure, because the Chinese won't admit it even if it is true.

Oh, and JJ: You need to reset your memes...the meme of the virus coming from bats hundreds of miles outside of Wuhan is gone....Even China has abandoned that one. Oddly enough, in late 2019, a whole slew of workers from the Wuhan lab showed up all within a week at hospitals complaining of SARS-like symptoms..Check for yourself. THe story is slowly coming to light.

Eck! said...


Likely and probably are vague assignments of probability of an event
occuring or statement being valid. Their weight is neither fiction,
truth nor fact, just some case of maybe hearsay.

Even the word story or its plural, it could be a historic, fictional,
or possible prose relating an event that happened. The author controls

Anything from China is likely if not deliberately just a story that
suits the political purposes of the Chinese communist government.
That conflicting and variation of that story suggest nothing more
than smoke screen exists, maybe.


Dark Avenger said...

use "Likely" and "Probably" because I cannot prove those as facts. Having said that, it is likely, even the CIA and now, amazingly, the Biden Administration believes it to be true.

Sure, Jan. Did you use your Ovaltine decoder ring to figure that out?