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Monday, July 19, 2021

NRA, and I'm Out

I've been a member for 30+ years. My membership lapsed the other day, because I kept ignoring the renewal pleas from WLP, the owner of that place.

(Yeah, I know, he doesn't own the NRA, but he acts as though he does and the doormats on the Board let him.)

I gave my NRA renewal dues to the SAF.


B said...

Good for you.
I am a Life Member, but they've not gotten a single dime from me for the past 10 years. I am not gonna support an organization that has WLP as a leader. If I could get my money back, I'd ask for a refund.

Tewshooz said...

Life member here, also. When they called last week wanting money, I told them not one cent as long as WLP is there. Period.

Jimmy T said...

Never been a member, and never would I become one. The NRA of my youth was all about gun and hunting safety. I remember taking classes because my Dad thought I needed training. He was right of course. So I took a number of classes conducted by experienced gun owners and hunters, and did well with the training. Not sure when they became the promotional arm of the "weapons" industry, and why they push gun ownership onto people who obviously should never be allowed to own a firearm, and why they push the semi-automatics with high capacity clips and bump stocks as weapons of choice, other than someone is making a pile of money...

dinthebeast said...

Let my membership lapse in the late seventies when I lost interest in hunting. If I was coming up now I'd never become a member because they don't do the hunter safety courses for hunting licenses in California any more.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

dan gerene said...

I dropped the NRA somewhere in the nineties when they called me at home and first told me they were sending me a book about my 2nd amendment rights and I would then send them $25 or so dollars. I didn't like that and since this was before the internet was like it is now I didn't even know how they got my home phone number.

Dark Avenger said...

This reminds me of the old saying about playing poker, if you look at who’s playing, and can’t find the rube, it’s probably you.

Funny how WLP’s attitude towards safety wasn’t to carry enough weaponry that would clank as he walked about on the Earth, instead, he trusted to the security of a gated community. He makes P. T. Barnum seem like an honest broker by comparison.

Eck! said...

Been a member and bailed early, I like the basis ideas but the
evolution in the last decade or so was not a good thing.

I've never viewed a gated community as secure. The few around here
would be easy to get around the so called gates. It does do one thing,
it herds all the rich in a smaller area, just saying.

As to security, don't go stupid places and don't do stupid things
works well. That and bad dumbasses are not found of lights to
show their position.


Antibubba said...

I quit after the deafening silence of Philando Castille's death. Good guy, licensed to carry, Given contradictory orders by a scared cop, and shot for it. Oh, and black--although I'm sure that had nothing to do with it.