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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Re: Simone Biles

Unless you have competed at the level of the "best in the fucking world" in a recognized sport, then shut the fuck up about Simone Biles's performance in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Because not only don't you know shit, you're boradcasting that all over the Internet.

Most of those broadcasting their ignorance seem to call themselves "conservatives". Which seems to be about par for the course.


MarkS said...

Since it's apparently all they've got left, they're taking victimhood to olympic levels.Simone Biles owes nothing to anyone and could walk away from all of it with honor if she chose to. Seems if we're doing 1933 (German) politics, we have to do a 1936 (German) olympics for thematic continuity or something.Could it be a resurgence of the concept of zeitgeist?

Jimmy T said...

Hey Comrade, I got another one for ya...

dinthebeast said...

Having been a bit of an athlete in my youth, I can say that mental conditioning is every bit as important as physical conditioning. If it ain't right, nothing works at all.

-Doug in Sugar Pine