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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Let's Make One Thing Clear About Bezos's Blue Origins

Billionaire Jeff Bezos will blast into space on Tuesday, in the first crewed flight of his rocket ship, New Shepard.

He will be accompanied by Mark Bezos, his brother, Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pioneer of the space race, and an 18-year-old student.

There is no crew on that spacecraft, only passengers. Bezos and his fellow passengers are no more crew than the people sitting in Row 4 of a SWA 737 flight from Baltimore to Orlando.

Also, they are no more astronauts than the passengers in an airplane are aviators.

And this:


Doug T. said...

Spam in a can.

Glenn Kelley said...

In his little homoly he thanked the employees and customers of amazon because "you're the ones who paid for this".

Loks like an admission that the former are underpaid and the latter over charged .

Tod Germanica said...

No, the earth is paying for it, having been ripped up quite a bit for metals and plastics and concrete launch pads. Don't have a thought about them billions of kg carbon ect you're gleefully spewing from the orifice of your penis rocket either, it's your money, right? Amazon is a person too. And thanks to all of you who have used amazon, enablers, every man jackie of ye. You actually did pay for it.

Stewart Dean said...

Spam in a can was the original astronauts. This is clowns in a can.

Eck! said...

Not much I can say for it as its just an E-ticket ride for the rich.

They would be astronauts if the actually used zero-G for experiments
or the high G takeoff. As was they are strictly passengers without
a stop this ride button.

The upside is that by making sub-orbit they are adding a small
amount to the body of knowledge for reusable rockets and capsules.

Comment on Mercury Capsule, it was crude but it was not without
its astronauts inputs. They were limited in what they could do
but for the mission [that was the key thing] they did do real


Doug T. said...

My memory of spam in a can was the original astronauts had no windows and no jobs. These clowns had windows and cameras. Why this made the lead news story while COVID is spreading like green corn through the new maid.

Eck! said...


Keep in mind the first 7 were all test pilots, they assumed they
would have some form of control/monitoring of the craft. After
seeing what they did for Ham (chimp) they were very involved
and pushed for things that did incrementally advance what we knew.

The mercury capsules had a window. Part of the whole spam in a can
thing was that's what they didn't want to be. So after causing some
pressure they go things like cameras, sextants, and a few tasks based
on available space. That applied for even the early suborbital
shots and paid off for the Glen ridge for three orbits.

By current standard the Mercury team were not what I'd call
riding much but they made something of it. It was consistent
with what we didn't know for sure.