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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A Sincere Greeting to Everyone Who Has Chosen to Not Be Vaccinated Against the Coronavirus

Go fuck yourself, your horse and everyone who looks like you.

This is why:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed course Tuesday on some masking guidelines, recommending that even vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors in parts of the U.S. where the delta variant of the coronavirus is fueling infection surges.

Citing new information about the variant’s ability to spread among vaccinated people, the CDC also recommended indoor masks for all teachers, staff, students and visitors at schools nationwide, regardless of vaccination status

The delta, or, as others have suggested, the Darwin variant, has been spreading amongst the unvaccinated. Like this idiot, one of the "the risk is less than 1%" morons, who has now been in the hospital for a month. There is no shortage of reports of covidiots who end up in the hospital or in the morgue with covid. They're spreading the virus to others, which is why states where people haven't been vaccinated are having outbreaks.

This didn't have to happen. It is happening because of the idiots who bought into the stupid-ass conspiracy theories. The most moronic of them is the one that claims that Bill Gates has put microchips in the vaccines so the government can track people -- care to bet whether or not they have cell phones?

Those idiots are also spreading the virus to children. They are infecting those who cannot be vaccinated.

Every tightening of restrictions, those requirements to wear masks on mass transit, those kids who will be wearing masks in schools, those are all going to be continuing on because of the brain-dead covidiots who are refusing to be vaccinated.

Fuck you guys. Fuck all of you guys. You're evil, selfish clowns.


re the paragon said...

You got me excited for a moment. I thought the "Less than 1%" moron you were talking about was B.

DTWND said...

I can foresee another lockdown coming on. And we all know which group will be yelling the loudest about freedom and rights and liberty and stuff.

The confusion lies with the vaccinations and the refusals to be vaccinated. The vaccines have been scientifically proven to be effective in nearly all cases. So the CDC sees a reduction in new cases over two or three months and recommended that those who were vaccinated could forgo the masking. Those that were NOT vaccinated lied and pretended that they WERE vaccinated also and went without a mask. So now the virus is allowed to mutate into a stronger form and the CDC calls for masking up again. And these same idiots who are not vaccinated point to the change in position of the CDC and try to use that as evidence that they don’t know what they are talking about. The confusion is sowed by the individuals who would rather everyone else follow procedures and recommendations.

A loose connect can be made between seatbelt use and masking/vaccinations. Seatbelt were installed in cars way back in the late 60’s and some even before. Their use was voluntary even though scientific studies showed they saved lives. Some folks used them, others abhorred them. Eventually, laws were passed to mandate the usage or pay a fine. Is that what we want for masks and vaccines also? Or does that violate our liberties and freedoms? The right claims it doesn’t want gubmint tellin them what to do, but they keep doing idiotic things that endanger others, not just themselves.

If they really wanted to get the freedoms they crave, just get the damn vaccine and wear a mask for 6 more months. Or don’t. Your right to get sick ends when you infect me or my family.


B said...

Effective....Except for most places in the this example.

and now to maintain the "effectiveness" you gotta get a third dose of of the shot.

The rate of death for the Delta (and lambda, although data for that still somewhat limited) is about the same for vaccinated and non vaccinated.

Facts, not fearmongerng and sheer panic.

Dtwnd: Your quote: "Your right to get sick ends when you infect me or my family."
A question...if the "vaccine" works, then what is your fear of the unvaccinated infecting you and your family? If it doesn't work, then why take it at all? Pick one, you can't have it both either works or it doesn't. Which is it?

Dark Avenger said...

B, with rare exceptions, like the prophylactic rabies vaccine, no vaccine works 100.000 percent of the time. You engage in demanding false choices, and therefore have nothing to contribute to a real discussion.

Eck! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eck! said...


Once again you post false and misleading information. You interpretation
has the partisan big lie written into it.

Straight from your pointer to the article:
"While the state has experienced a large number of “breakthrough”
cases, Piercey added that 97 percent of all hospitalizations and
more than 98 percent of deaths are among Tennesseans who have not
been fully vaccinated."

No one said there would not be possible break though, but the
deaths are from the unvaccinated.

Let me put it a different way you the unvaxed provided a medium
to incubate and spread delta and that is nastier and you are
dying from it and the fully vaccinated are getting positive
tests or mild versions of covid.

Your facts as you print them are not facts, they are a biased
interpretation and misleading.

If you do not want to get covid or die from it, get vaccinated.
Your own example proves that.

Now if you do not, you need to be kept away from everyone as
children under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated. They are not immune
to your false equivalence. Same for those with compromised
immune systems, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

With that those that don't vax are a pox, they spread disease and
incubate more aggressive versions. They are the moving fist about
to sucker punch innocents and those that have no defense. They
don't know or cant tell so they are in the crosshairs. That
is a fact.
So as Dtwnd said, "Your right to get sick ends when you infect
me or my family."
Also if you do get sick your cost to everyone is shared and
you anti-vaxers a damn waste of others money and resources.

Now for those that do not vax... the law has dealt with another
that refused before. Remember Typhoid Mary....


DTWND said...

B, your reference said it for me. I worry about the BREAKTHRU cases. You know, the mutated virus, most likely created by those not vaccinated. And then those same individuals not following guidelines by pretending they ARE vaccinated and not wearing a mask.

I worry about my 6 grandchildren all under the age of 12 getting the mutated virus and affecting them the rest of their lives. I worry about my wife, with a preexisting hereditary condition getting the mutation. It’s all the selfish bastards I worry about who are inconsiderate of their friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. And all because they believed their orange leader, “it’ll all disappear by April”.

Get the vaccine and I have no quarrel with you. Don't and then we have a problem. Stay the fuck away from me and my family. Your “right” to not wear a mask and infect us does NOT supersede our right to be healthy.

Your right wing trope is being disproven daily. Even Republican leaders are now reversing course and calling for people to be vaccinated. So when are you getting yours? Or does that infringe on your “rights”?

For a self-proclaimed intelligent person, you sure come up with some twisted arguments and logic.

Over and Out.


dan gerene said...

To the antivaxers, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am sure you worked very hard to get your Facebook medical degree.

Salsabob said...

Hey, moron, the problem is you covidiots are providing a Petri dish for the virus to mutate and form even more virulent variants. If this was just about you, I'd be happy to tell you to go F yourself into the grave and improve the human gene pool

Salsabob said...

Hey, moron, the problem is you covidiots are providing a Petri dish for the virus to mutate and form even more virulent variants. If this was just about you, I'd be happy to tell you to go F yourself into the grave and improve the human gene pool

B said...

Eck: That is the thing about socialized medicine, innit? Yet for other things, where people's lifestyles led them to have health issues (and higher cost for the rest of us) you felt that was OK. It is, after all, what you championed when it was your folks who benefitted. So suck it up now....

So, still haven't answered. On the one hand, you claim breakthrough cases are rare, and they lead to minimal symptoms when the do surface. On the other hand, you are panicking. So DOES THE COVID SHOT WORK OR NOT? You are either making a big deal about nothing, or are admitting that the shot isn't much protection.
Yer usually not this mealy-mouthed.

Dark Avenger said...

B, quit with the insults. I call a yellow card.

Eck! said...


Yellow card!

That and of course another deflection.

The point was if you get sic and its preventable maybe it
should be on you.

The problem with breakthough is for those vaccinated you are
likely ok, Kids under 12 and those compromised are under
stress now.

Now, the big deal is we have breakthough because of those unvaxed
acquiring and mutating the bug if they haven't been significantly
imperiled and impaired by it they are out and about spreading it.

The similar thing that happens is people with poor sanitation habits
or Hepatitis making your lunch and not taking care to glove up and
all. Likely you will not die from that but you will be sick and
require treatment. But hey eating sandwiches made by others is a
lifestyle choice. Ponder the implications of that.

Its still typhoid marys. It would be better to not have them
running about and you promoting the cult of fantasies about it.


Comrade Misfit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Comrade Misfit said...


A generalized warning has been posted.

Read and heed, everyone.

DTWND said...

Okay, one last try to provide information to the uninformed. 1) The vaccine works. It provides a level of protection to individuals who contract the COVID virus and prevents severe reactions to it, up to and including death.
2). The vaccine also works against the Delta variant but with a lower efficacy. But it still will prevent death.
3) The unvaccinated are allowing the virus to mutate creating the Delta variant, and possibly even more dangerous strains. Since 95% of the current hospitalizations for COVID are the unvaccinated, an intelligent person could see that the level of protection of the vaccine is sufficient.
4) Those that choose to not get vaccinated are playing Russian Roulette not only with their lives, but with those of our children. If you recall early 2020 (pre-vaccine rollout), there were many cases that resulted in months-long adverse symptoms, even lasting to today. I don’t want my grandkids to suffer because of self-righteous assholes who presume to know more than medical specialists in the field.
5). I also don’t want to lose my wife to a stroke, which has happened to others with her neurological condition. She had to choose between getting the vaccine which posed a risk and taking a chance on not getting COVID, which posed a greater risk. I’m happy to say she got the shots, and other than some lethargy, she Is doing well.

My problem with your statements B, is that you are citing ‘facts’ that are not in evidence. You start with an adversarial position and look for excuses, stories, and cherry-pick articles that you think reinforce your position. And when called out on it, you twist, divert and deflect the conversation away from the original point. And the original point of Ms Fit’s posting was that those that are unvaccinated are helping to spread and mutate the COVID virus. Which science has proven to be true.

You can deny the reports of hospitalizations because they are not happening in your area. But if you’d use all that education and understanding of statistics you claim to have, you’d also understand your area is just a small sample size. And you can deny the effects of the vaccine in the United States all you want, but realize that this is a GLOBAL issue.


Jimmy T said...

The science is clear, no vaccine is 100% perfect, but the protection you get from this Covid-19 vaccine is much greater if you get Covid. My neighbor the nurse tells me that being vaccinated for the vast majority won't require a trip to the hospital, and almost certainly no one will be admitted to the Expensive Care Unit. And even a few Republican governors are now saying Covid is a primarily a disease amongst the unvaccinated. There is no need or logical reason to avoid the jab. You will protect yourself and those you come into contact with. If you have children too young to get vaccinated it's important to protect them by protecting yourself...

dinthebeast said...

OK, the delta variant has been found to cause viral loads among the breakthrough infections that are high enough to be contagious. That is what the new masking guidelines are about.
If you have been vaccinated, you probably won't be sick enough to require hospitalization, and the chances of you dying from it are very small, but you can still transmit the delta variant to someone else who may not be vaccinated, and they may be hospitalized or die.
Before the delta variant, the vaccinated were found to have low enough viral loads to be noncontagious or only very slightly contagious. In other words, the vaccines worked very well against the virus they were developed to combat.
But we sat around with our thumbs up our butts while a new variant evolved that they are less effective against.
The way evolution works, each new variant will be a little more resistant to our vaccines, because the ones that are will spread more readily.
The delta variant also has been found to be spread by those without symptoms, including folks who have been vaccinated.
As the CDC just said, that makes this a different war.
The good news is that there is precedent for federal vaccine mandates, and if we can somehow get the vaccination rates high enough, we can suppress the spread of the virus enough to slow down the mutation of it, at least here at home.
The bad news is that short of loading dart guns with the one dose J&J shot, there's no way to get about one third of the population vaccinated.
If those folks had been around in the fifties, we'd still have polio.

-Doug in Sugar Pine