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Saturday, November 16, 2019


Say hello to Speck, a feral:

We've gone from Speck's not allowing us to be within fifty feet to sometimes within ten feet.


Tod Germanica said...

We've trapped three feral cats so far and had ASPCA neuter/spay them, inoculate and clip the tip off their right ear to show they are 'feral freedom' cats-standard practice here.
One is a beautiful young tiny female with a tinier kitten we also trapped. The kitten ended up a as barn cat, too feral to ever be even semi-domestic after neutering etc.
The mama cat ended up as our 'pet' and allows us to feed her. But an attempted stroke rates a claw swipe-about like your new addition but at closer range.
My converted young male feral cat, Yellowboy, turned out to be the most domestic, allowing me-and only me so far-petting and even lap sitting privileges.
But he might have had early human contact with people in kittenhood, showing domestic cat signs like meowing, purring and trying to come in the house.
Keep up the attempted socialization, you never know. An ASPCA cat worker told us it took ten years for one of her cat friends to become a pet-able lap cat.

w3ski said...

We have a new kitten in the yard this fall. He (I hope it's a he) was real skinny at first but has filled out and put on a nice coat so far. At first, if he saw me he ran but as of today I was only about 10 feet away and he was focusing on the plate of wet food in my hand. Last evening he was playing kitty games with one of our "once feral" cats, out in the yard. All our 8 cats but one were born feral, so I presume he will eventually wind up fixed and inside. We live at the end of a dirt road and there just aren't any other people out here to take care of them. Heck, I being adopted am a "rescue" too.
I can't pass up a fuzzy kitty face.