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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Aww, Poor Trumpie

Donald Trump Jr. wrote about a trip to Arlington National Cemetery just before President Trump’s inauguration in his newly released book, where he reflected on his family’s sacrifices since his father took office. ... Trump said he considered all of the sacrifices the Trump family made in order for Trump to serve in office as an Army Band bugler played “Taps” in front of the tomb.
Aww, poor baby, the pitiful, hairy bag of self-important protoplasm.

Nobody in the Trump family has ever spent a day in uniform. When the Twin Towers fell, Baby Donnie was in his early twenties. He could hae gone to war. His younger brother turned 18 a few months afterwards, he could have served. His sister was 19, she could have served.

But no. Not a single Trump has ever worn their countries' uniforms. Donny's dad was a draft-dodger. His great-grand-father was a draft-dodger. The closest any of them ever came to combat was his grandfather, the wartime profiteer.

Little Donnie ought to drag his overly-inflated ass over to Walter Reed or any VA hospital, where he could meet men and women who had truly paid the price in service to this country. Hell, he could stroll around Arlington and gaze at the grave markers of those whose lives were taken from them in service to this country.

The Trump family has sacrificed for this country? That doesn't even pass the giggle test.


B said...

Yeah, like Barry's service...

Yes, I know, whataboutism....But Double Standards here too.

Mike R said...

B, at least from my angle. serving or not serving in the military is irrelevant. The issue is being so stupid as to compare being kia to giving up an amount of money that will not change your life style. A sucking chest wound is sure less desirable than making 9 million a year rather than 10 million, those numbers are for example only and not meant as an accurate representation of Jr's income, or suffer some boos for being from the wrong political party, the sticks and stones thing.

Comrade Misfit said...

You really want this fight? You want to defend the party of chickenhawking?

OK. Romney-draft dodger. Cheney-draft dodger. John Ashcroft- draft dodger.

All of those Republicans so het on Bush's wars had damn few of their kids in the wars. None of the Bush clan, except for one nephew who was a reserve intel officer for a VP squadron in a "nondeployable" job, a job that could be competently performed in a cocktail dress and heels.

The only real outlier to GOP chickenhawking was John McCain, who had three children who joined the military.

Dr Roy Tam said...

B, Obama never compared his own actions to sacrifices made by veterans for America. Your own unjustified anger at Obama has made you blind to the reality of things as they are.

In August 2011, Republican Congressman Michael C. Burgess of Texas agreed with a rally audience member that the impeachment of Barack Obama "needs to happen" in order to prevent Obama from "pushing his agenda". Burgess did not mention any grounds for impeachment.[8][9]

DTWND said...

Mike, don't forget about all the African hunting trips that they had to discontinue to serve their country.

Self-centered, ego-maniacs from the old man and down thru his off-spring from hell.


Mike R said...

Yes we can't forget the incredible firefights with those Thompson gazelles. Facing a well armed herd of herbivores has got to ptsd inducing.

Comrade Misfit said...

Dale, it goes back further. Their grandfather was a crook and their great-grandfather was a draft-dodger.

Dad's a notorious tax cheat.

They are America's First Family of Criminals.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., show me Obama comparing anything that happened to him as a sacrifice like that of our veterans. Hell, show me where he complained that he had sacrificed for the country, like Donnie did.

Donas said...

CP: Obama wouldn't have lowered himself to the level that he regarded(s) the military and the vets. You need not look further than our readiness level and the VA during his regime.

EB: do you mean they have supplanted the Kennedys?


Dr Roy Tam said...

I seem to remember a Republican Congress having do something with that as well, Donas. Funny how they aren’t regarded in the same light.

Donas said...

Hey Doc, I was referring to Obama. You'll not often find me defending congress

Unknown said...

Or mentioning them if it ruins a perfectly good Obama hate.

CenterPuke88 said...

Donas, wanna talk about how a war in Iraq and Afghanistan impacted that? And who put us in there? I thought not, doesn’t fit your narrative, eh?

Dr Roy Tam said...

Obama’s real offenses were liking arugula, Dijon mustard, and wearing a brown suit in the Oval Office.

Donas said...

I could talk about many things that aren't relevant to my remarks.
My narrative?
By the end of Obama's last term our armed forces were in a sad state and the VA was shit.
Obama was the CIC and chief executive. It was his responsibility.

Dr Roy Tam said...

But Obama, notwithstanding his own opposition to nuclear weapons, has committed to modernizing the U.S. arsenal. He supports the Air Force's new bomber, a new ballistic missile submarine for the Navy, revitalizing a fleet of nuclear bombs, a potential new nuclear cruise missile and other commitments. Some estimates put the cost for the program Obama supports at around $1 trillion over the next 30 years.

Defense officials don't dispute that the military costs a lot — but, they argue, taxpayers get a lot for what they buy. Defense Secretary Ash Carter and other leaders have tried to shy away from responding to comments by Trump and other candidates, but occasionally they get pulled in.

That was the case earlier this year when Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked about whether the U.S. military had, in fact, been "gutted." No, he argued. If it's smaller than it could be, it's still very powerful.

"At no time in my career have I been more confident than this instant in saying we have the most powerful military on the face of the planet," Selva said. "Do we have challenges? Of course we do. When you are faced with a global set of threats, you have to make choices on where you focus your energy."

One big area of risk, Selva and other Pentagon leaders say, is something that doesn't get much attention in the political arena — "readiness":

-how often soldiers can take target practice;
-how often pilots at home can fly training missions;
-how many days a Navy ship can sail to train before it deploys

Carter, Selva and the chiefs of the military services say this "readiness" is not where they want it, in case there is a major crisis.

But many units are very well-prepared, Selva said, and the bottom line is that the U.S. military remains the most powerful on Earth.


Ed said...

Those who demand human sacrifice are anti-human.

Buttermilk Sky said...

"Nobody in the Trump family has ever spent a day in uniform." Not true. Junior was a Boy Scout. We know because Daddy cut a check from the "Trump Foundation" to cover his dues. He wouldn't even spend seven dollars so his namesake could earn a badge in Shooting Endangered Species.

Unknown said...

B, Obama was born in 1960 - he was 42 when 9/11 happened - way to old for the military to enlist him.