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Friday, August 9, 2019

Trump Refuses to Drain the Swamp of Demand for Undocumented Workers

The Trump administration has eagerly pursued arrests of undocumented immigrants over the last two years culminating in a record-setting raid of Mississippi poultry plants this week. But the administration appears to have been far less aggressive in going after corporations involved in those cases.
It would seem that going after the companies that employ undocumented workers might reduce the market for such workers.

Including one of Trump's companies.


B said...

Amen, sister.

I'd like to see a thousand dollar per day employed fine...per employee.

Of course, some sort of verification method would be needed as well, but incredible fines are the only way to stop people and corporations from employing illegals....which is why they come here, mostly. No money, they will leave or not come in the first place.

DTWND said...

Excellent point, B. Probably much easier to collect the fines that to build a 2000 mile wall.

Just sayin'.


CenterPuke88 said...

B., it’s called “E-Verify”, and was started in 1996. Became mandatory to use for Federal contractors in 2007.

As for the fines, let’s make the employers caught pay the fines into Social Security, and all taxes saved by the employer to be paid at twice the required rate into whatever program it was for...State, Local or Federal. You hire a guy and pay him cash under the table, you now owe the full employer and employee Social Security contributions, plus twice the rate of Federal, State and Local taxes that you would have paid if you had done it legally.

How to enforce, offer people a reward for reporting illegal employment practices, with a harsh penalty for trying to set someone up via false documents, etc.

Finally, if you do catch someone employing illegally, you also compel them to pay the illegal they hired in accordance with all laws. This way, even though you are deporting someone, you do so with them having been properly paid for their work, and thus the employer gains no benefit at all...and ends up paying more taxes.

Of course, to do this, we need a working and open guest worker program and immigration, not the ridiculous backlogs we have now (unless you are hiring for Mar-a-lago).

B said...

CP: E-Verify is a joke. A great idea, but (very) poorly implemented.

A decent implementation of that system, preferably one that shows a decent likeness (perhaps a driver's license photo??) and some other simple steps and the system could work.

Your other suggestions are great....But why a guest worker program? Afraid you might have to pay more for produce? Or meat? Want your other menial tasks done at low rates? Why employ "foreigners" at all? Or is is it the cheap labor you still want?

Glenn Kelley said...

B,Who do you expect to fill those jobs . The last time I checked the birth rate in the US was 1.8 children per woman . Below the replacement rate (2.1) but better than most western countries .

Guest worker programs lead to ghettoization and instability(France and Germany) unless they have a way for those workers to become legal immigrants .
Seven of the last eight nobel laureates from your country were first generation immigrants ." Why employ foreigners at all."

CenterPuke88 said...

B., because I like produce. The reality is no wage level will get most of America’s manually harvested produce picked without guest workers. A rise in meat prices doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it will help slow climate change, and is necessary in the long run.

dinthebeast said...

"Why employ "foreigners" at all?"

Because you literally can't get American citizens to do the work, no matter what you try to pay them.
Just ask those farmers in Georgia who let their crops rot in the fields after their new anti-migrant worker laws went into effect.
So, to answer your question, because they are the best at the jobs. If they weren't, the farmers, who are a notoriously conservative lot, would hire someone else.

-Doug in Oakland

Glenn Kelley said...

If you believe that there are enough able bodied American citizens that are unemployed and could fill those jobs your dreaming . Your country is creating jobs at a rate that far exceeds the number of citizens to fill them .