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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Trump Administration: Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free Only Applies to White People

They're not even pretending not to be racist bastards anymore.
A top Trump administration official says the famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty, welcoming “huddled masses” of immigrants to American shores, was referring to “people coming from Europe” and that the nation is looking to receive migrants “who can stand on their own two feet.”
US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli, the disgusting piece of shit who offered that twisted rewrite of Emma Lazarus's poem, might want to reflect on the historical fact that there was a time when conservatives, such as his boss, regarded Italians as non-white human trash who were not welcome on our shores. His ancestors would most certainly not have been granted admission were the likes of Stephen Miller were running things back then.

Meanwhile, the Party of Treason is now angling to be the Party of Rape and Incest.
GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa questioned on Wednesday whether there would be any population left on Earth if not for rape and incest, a remark that has drawn condemnation from both Democrats and Republicans.

"What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled those people out that were products of rape and incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?" he said in Urbandale, Iowa


B said...

He's actually probably right.

No one knows to whom she was referring.

Just because it means something else to you doesn't make him incorrect.

Having said that, I don't see where he is keeping other immigrants out of the country either.

Yer making a big deal about not much. Tempest in a teacup and all that.

Dr Roy Tam said...

Yes, we do B.

Lazarus contributed towards shaping the self-image of the United States as well as how the country understands the needs of those who emigrate to the United States. Her themes produced sensitivity and enduring lessons regarding immigrants and their need for dignity.[40] What was needed to make her a poet of the people as well as of the literary merit was a great theme, the establishment of instant communication between some stirring reality and her still-hidden and irresolute subjectivity. Such a theme was provided by the immigration of Russian Jews to America, consequent upon the proscriptive May Laws of 1882. She rose to the defense of her ethnic compatriots in powerful articles, as contributions to The Century (May 1882, and February 1883). Hitherto, her life had held no Jewish inspiration. Though of Sephardic ancestry, and ostensibly Orthodox in belief, her family had till then not participated in the activities of the synagogue or of the Jewish community. Contact with the unfortunates from Russia led her to study the Bible, the Hebrew language, Judaism, and Jewish history.[20] While her early poetry demonstrated no Jewish themes, her Songs of a Semite (1882) is considered to be the earliest volume of Jewish-American poetry.[41]


CenterPuke88 said...

How far the Right has fallen. They have accepted that grabbing pussies against their will is not disqualifying (if you’re a Right-wing leader), they have accepted that the exact conditions they imposed in Massachusetts are unacceptable if a Democrat supports them, they have decided to live and die by the gun, they have showed that any way is justified to win an election...even the help of other countries, they have decided that woman have no right to assert some control over their own bodies, and now they are willing to turn a blind eye and an enabling hand toward outright racist.

B., at one point you professed you disliked Donnie, but he was the best choice...can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly say that is still true? If you profess you can, I feel genuinely sorry for you, and scared for the implications for the country.

B said...

Yes, compared to Hillary or Bernie, yes I can. Compared to Rubio, or Bush? Yes, I can.

While I dislike Donnie yet, I still think he was the least bad of the choices.

If we had Hillary or Bernie, we'd have eve more Statism or Socialism. If we had Bush, he'd be even more a laughingstock and an even less effective leader. Rubio would have been a pushover for the rest of the world leaders.

Yes, I find it sad that this was the best leader we were given as a choice. Again, I blame the DNC and the RNC for Donnie.

Do you really think that Hillary Clinton would have been a better leader? She'd have screwed you over while saying all the right things (while enriching those who surround her and to whom she owed favors). She was the epitome of "Pay for Play". Donne may be foolish and needs a filter on what he says and tweets, but he does have the country's best interest at heart, not not his own. Most of us who voted for Trump did so because we could see (unlike you) the monster that Hillary Clinton really was, and how much worse she would be as President.

If you believe that Hillary would have been the better choice then you are allowing your bias to overcome your intelligence.

I just ho[e soon we get someone to vote FOR rather than candidates we have to vote Against.

Dr Roy Tam said...

If you believe that alienating allies is good, and cuddling up to killers and dictators great, then of course Hillary would be a failure by your lights.

CenterPuke88 said...

I understand you believe that electing someone who believes in few of your beliefs, acts against your interests, and is unethical, was better than voting for the wife of a successful ex-President, because paranoia. If she had been so bad, by 2018 you would control the House and Senate...and in 2020 the Presidency with the Congress...and you believe the country would have been worse off?

You accuse us of TDS, while your CDS is so clear, so explicit, you as simply blind to reality. Good luck, one day you will realize you sold your soul.

dinthebeast said...

I guess King just figures that according to the Bible, everyone is the result of incest, so it can't be all that bad.
As for rape, I submit that the idea be field tested on him by a 250 pound biker and see if his opinion moves any.

-Doug in Oakland

Glenn Kelley said...

At least the people that Hillary owed favours to were Americans .