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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Can Moscow Mitch Be Bought?

You can read this story about how a backer of Mitch McConnell persuaded McConnell to do what he could to lift some sanctions against Russia and come to your own conclusions.

Whether McConnell is serving Trump, Putin or doing things that only benefit Mitch is a question worth pondering.


re the paragon said...

Is that a trick question?

dinthebeast said...

Over and over again. Lately, by $200M from Oleg Deripaska, for killing the sanctions on him that would have prohibited such an arrangement, and in the process opening the door for more purchases of economic influence: OD has made overtures to eight more states for similar deals.

The pentagon just put out a white paper outlining the ways that Russia uses economic coercion, especially on highly polarized populations to gain political leverage in places it lacks the resources to outright bully into submission.

And there was the whole refusing to acknowledge the Russian attack on our 2016 election while it was in progress, which killed the whole-government response Obama was trying to get to counter it, and all of the election infrastructure security bills he is currently not allowing to get votes in the senate, and well, yeah.

Moscow Mitch has sold his country out to the Russians, presumably in order to keep Republican control of the senate and the white house for one more cycle.

-Doug in Oakland