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Monday, August 12, 2019

Bad News for the Epstein Food-Chain

In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, federal prosecutors in New York have shifted their focus to possible charges against anyone who assisted or enabled him in what authorities say was his rampant sexual abuse of underage girls.
If any Epstein assistants hoped to avoid charges by testifying against him, that expectation has been upended by his suicide.

“Those who had leverage as potential cooperators in the case now find themselves as the primary targets,” said Jacob S. Frenkel, a former federal prosecutor. “They no longer have anyone against whom to cooperate.”
Yepper. It's Jeffie's final Fuck-you to those who enabled and facilitated his crimes. They can't trade Epstein for their own hides.

They may be able to promise testimony in the civil cases against the Estate of Jeffrey Epstein, for what that's worth to the Federal prosecutors. Probably not that much.

Trunp often acts out on Twitter if people aren't talking about him. This is probably the first time he's happy that they are not talking about him.


CenterPuke88 said...

Occum’s Razor says he offed himself. Probably didn’t really think about it too much, but it is a great way to say fuck you to those who failed to protect him.

Marc said...

I wonder how this will work out with the New York Child Victims Act. That could open a bit more exposure to the estate and those who were pals of his.

Procopius said...

@CenterPuke88 I'm not sure Occam's Razor actually applies here. Many alternative hypotheses seem as simple as that one. Before we can accept the suicide hypothesis, we must know who signed the order removing him from suicide watch after only two weeks. There must be a written document. Then that person needs to explain why they made that decision. We know, for example, that all jails, prisons, and concentration camps are understaffed, due to unwillingness to pay a market wage for a very unpleasant job. Perhaps the decision was justified by the shortage of personnel needed to keep observing him, since he has been reported to be in "good spirits" in the days before his death. I have seen one report that only two officers were on duty during that night shift, one of whom had only had five hours of sleep since his last shift, the other of whom was on his fifth straight shift on overtime. They were supposed to be watching several hundred prisoners. We need more data before we can apply Occam's Razor.

Deadstick said...

Procopius: re being in good spirits...at my not-quite-doddering age I can remember several people who followed a similar pattern. Increasing stress, depression, then a turnaround to a sunny disposition for a few days -- then bang.
My take is that once the guy has made his decision, it's relieved the pressure -- so the sudden "recovery" really should be a red flag.

CenterPuke88 said...

Just wondering if this scandal will be the first to feature some fun arrests for idiots who try shit. Example, genius tries to make a deep fake of perhaps Prez Bill boffing a 14 y-o, using an existing porn actor with a petite body and merging a known victims picture onto said actress and Bill’s onto the other. Of course, said idiot fails to consider that by putting an underage face on a legal body, they’ve just broken a number of laws on child porn. Might be amusing, especially as to the contortions that websites and news distributors would have to make to cover the story in any way. The FBI would have a field day on that whole kinda thing.