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Monday, August 5, 2019

More Lies and Bullshit From Trump

Trump on guns:
“We have done much more than most administrations,” he said, without elaboration. “We have done actually a lot. But perhaps more has to be done.”
Such as?

This, though, was the big laugh:
“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” Trump said, adding that he had directed the FBI to examine steps to identify and address domestic terrorism. “These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America,” he said.
That is one steaming load of shit from Our Fascist in Chief.

Let's refresh, shall we? Skipping over Trump's long record of racism before he took up residence in the White House, including his being the Chief Birther, there is no denying the fact that American white supremacists have viewed Trump as their guy from the day he rode down that escalator to open his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists, murderers and criminals. When American Nazis gathered in Charlottesville for their Tiki-Torch march, it was Trump who said that they included "good people". Trump openly stated that a federal judge of Hispanic heritage couldn't fairly judge the Trump University fraud case "because I'm building a wall." If an immigrant commits a crime, Trump seizes on that to lambaste all immigrants. He has openly encouraged immigration from northern European (white) countries. When an attendee at one of his rallies said that immigrants should be shot, Trump thought it was funny. He's been avidly promoting the notion that America is under attack from waves of filthy immigrants, a line of propaganda that has been picked up by the Right Wing Noise Machine. His racial slurs towards people of color are beyond enumeration in this post. He and his spawn have been retweeting racist memes for years.

Trump has knowingly and openly stoked these fires of racism and xenophobia. For him to now claim to be astonished by the heat of the flames is like the Menendez Brothers asking for leniency because they're orphans.

As to the calls to "do something, goddamnit", legislating from an atmosphere of fear and panic is inane at best. The last time we did that, we got the absurdly-named USA Patriot Act. If you don't know what a liberty-gutting shit-show that piece of excrement has been, then you have not been paying attention for the last seventeen years.

(Also, this.)


0_0 said...

From an interactive gun violence graphic at 538.com:
"The common element in all these deaths is a gun. But the causes are very different, and that means the solutions must be, too."

dinthebeast said...

The bullshit "manifesto" left by Weekend Asswipe #1 quoted Fergus' tweets multiple times on the first page, so whether Fergus believes he is inspiring and promoting these acts of terror or not, he is.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

So you are saying that those who enter our country illegally DON'T commit crimes in greater proportion than legal immigrants, or natural born citizens? I call bullshit if you are.

That Federal Judge had made rulings and made statements that left doubt as to his impartiality.

Our nation IS under siege from a wave of ILLEGAL immigrants.

Just because he doesn't hide from the truth about crime and culture doesn't make it racist.

Having said that, these white supremacists will find something to cling to. If it isn't Trump, then it'll be something else.

And how is questioning the birthplace of a presidential candidate racist?

I'm just trying to figure your logic.

CenterPuke88 said...



Not true, and certainly not relevant to the Trumpian statements


Blatant falsehood about clear fact


Dude, are you really playing this dumb?

DTWND said...

Point 1. A google search of sites for immigrant crime statistics show an equal number of studies and opinions that favor one side or another in this debate. But an interesting line found on both sides state that studying the question is difficult because some states don’t differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants. Drawing a definitive conclusion with inadequate data cannot be used as proof one way or the other.

Point 2. Judge Curiel is an American born citizen, nominated by a Republican governor to serve on the bench. I could not find the alleged ‘rulings and statements’ that show a lack impartiality. Please provide.

Point 3. “Our nation IS under siege from a wave of ILLEGAL immigrants” is a phrase uttered or implied regularly on FOX and used as a talking point for those wanting to restrict border access to people of color. As has been shown on other threads on Ms. Fit’s blog, actual immigration is lower than it has been over a previously given time period.

Point 4. What is described as “truth about racial crime and culture” can be debated endlessly. One person’s “truth” is another person’s propaganda. But constantly describing one ethnic group as “rapists and murderers” is easily seen as racist.

Point 5. These White supremacists, while always lurking behind societal norms, have become more emboldened in the environment created and espoused by this administration. I don’t think that can be denied. From the “shithole countries” to “fine people”, statements as these from the head of state just encourages the behaviors that previously were frowned upon and shunned by the law abiding citizens of the country.

Point 6. Questioning the birthplace of a candidate is not considered racist in itself. But continuing to question the legitimacy of a candidate that is a minority once proof of citizenship has been shown can easily be considered a racist action; thereby making one a racist because of their actions and statements.

B, the topics and words in your own blog demonstrate your views and viewpoints, therefore what type of person you are. Healthy debate is good for opening people’s minds. But constantly defending the indefensible is ludicrous.


B said...

So by your logic, since Connor Betts (The shooter in Dayton) supported Elizabeth Warren (and hated Trump), it is her fault he did the shooting?

(note: I don't think it is her fault any more than I think your tenuous connection of blame to Trump for the El Paso shooting is correct).

You can twist the connections all you wish if it makes you feel better. Just try to be consistent and logical. I'm not gonna convince you any more than you are gonna convince me here.