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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This is What Upsets the Evangelicals About Trump?

They're upset about his using the word "goddamned".
The issue has recently hit a nerve among those who have become some of the president’s most reliable supporters: white evangelicals — who constitute much of [WV State Sen. Paul] Hardesty’s district. The group was key to Trump’s 2016 win, helping bolster his standing in critical swing states, and Trump likely needs to maintain that support if he wants to win a second term. But some are growing fatigued with the irreverent language that is often spewed at Trump’s rallies and official events.

“I’ve had people come to me and say, ‘You know I voted for [Trump], but if he doesn’t tone down the rhetoric, I might just stay home this time,’” Hardesty said in an interview, adding that he has yet to hear back from anyone inside the White House after urging the president in a formal letter to “reflect on your comments and never utter those words again.”
It's not Trump's racism that upsets the Christian Talibanistas. It's not that he cheated on his first wife with the woman who became his second wife, then cheated on her with the woman who became his third wife, then cheated on her with a porn star and others. No, it's Trump's use of a single word that upsets them.

Cry me a river. They knew Trump was a irreligious, profane snake when they first voted for him.


dinthebeast said...

Here comes the next great rebranding.
Burn the lifeboats. Make them own it this time.

-Doug in Oakland

Stewart Dean said...

Ah, but they wanted to believe. If not a Second Coming, maybe Their Big Man in the White House! What they got, if not the Father of Lies was at least the Son of Lies.
When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44)

Leo Knight said...

I've met a few of these folks over the years, and their hypocrisy doesn't surprise me anymore. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

w3ski said...

He can say "grab them by the pussy" and they are fine, but one "Goddamn" and they are clutching their panties?
And they call the liberals "snowflakes"?
Who imagined such a simple phrase had such power among them?
Time for some really seasoned language and watch them "melt".
"What a world, what a world" for real!

Glenn Kelley said...

For such people the first is crude , the second is blasphemy.
If your religious you have to classify your bad words .