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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Trump Has All County Building Supply Providing Drums of Whitewash for Kavanaugh

It's becoming clear that the White House has so limited the FBI's background check of Kavanaugh that it's become nothing but a coverup. People with credible stories aren't being heard. Identified witnesses are not being interviewed.

Trump and the GOP are whitewashing a turd.


B said...

Or, are just tired of the bullshit.

If The Dems had wanted a decent investigation, they'd have brought this up weeks ago.

They simply wanted a delay until the midterm elections in the hope that they would wind enough seats to change his possiblity of being nominated.

But I agree. If there was gonna be an "investigation" then there should have been a decent one done. But the FBI chose not to (or their management, whichever). Is it a whitewash? Maybe. Maybe not. But don't tell me that the other side really wanted an investigation instead of a delay. And Trump ain't gonna give 'em a delay.

Remember, to quote Barry: "We won".

CenterPuke88 said...

"The FBI chose not to", bullshit.

K gets confirmed, the election will be a bloodbath for the R's...he doesn't the R's might just hold on because they remotivated their base.

Dark Avenger said...

Sorry, B, but why wouldn’t the Republicans even do an up or down vote on Garland?

Comrade Misfit said...

B, complaining of that is political hypocrisy, unless you were also decrying the way the Republicans treated Merrick Garland.

Grey One talks sass said...

As I understand the FBI side of things they could have completed a thorough investigation if they had received written instructions (not a tweet) to do so. They didn't.**

This experience has opened my eyes to more than the established rape culture here in the USA. I've watched men become the biggest whiners in the planet because not all men sexually abuse but most sexual abusers are men. So how to tell the difference? Based on the comments on the interwebz there is no way. Good men don't have a handy cloud hovering over them signifying a person who will look at me like a people, not a three holed orifice.

As for the hurry to get K confirmed - what is the issue with delay? For eight years I heard nothing but drag our feet out of the GOP. Now they have to have what they want when they want it?

No. Just no. Don't reward bad behavior. Vote these relics out.

PS - Nose Boops to Chip.

**As an old hippy I can't BELIEVE I just spoke favorably about the FBI. Things are indeed upside down.

dinthebeast said...

His threats of partisan revenge under oath to the senate on national television would have been enough to disqualify any other nominee ever even before we even get to the perjury and sexual assault.
But Fergus wants his secure vote against sitting presidents being indicted all the more now that we know how many laws he broke inheriting his daddy's money, and gee, with all of this SCOTUS coverage, I haven't heard that much about Manafort's sessions with Mueller's team, or Cohen's either.

-Doug in Oakland