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Monday, October 22, 2018

Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner are Rolling in Their Graves

This was an item that merited airing today on the Eastern/Central Edition of ABC "World News Tonight":
A suspected intruder was shot while trying to gain entry to a news station in Washington D.C. Monday afternoon, according to the station.

Fox 5 DC reports that the suspect was trying to get into their office in Friendship Heights when the incident took place.

Source familiar with the matter told ABC News that the suspect who was shot was known to law enforcement authorities and is believed to have a history of mental illness. D.C. police are investigating the incident and exactly what led the officer to discharge his weapon.
Some guy who apparently was mentally ill kicked in the doors of a television station and was shot for his trouble and that's of national/global significance?

What sort of drugs are being used by David Muir? He's not just the news reader, he's the frigging managing editor. He, presumably, has a lot of say in what stories make it onto the air. This is an important story; far more important than Trump scuttling the INF Treaty, a story that has gotten barely a mention from Mr. Muir.

See, global destabilization by Trump, Xi and Putin is a far less important issue to ABC than some missing kid.

At least according to the idiots at ABC News.


B said...

Since ABC is so anti gun, one wonders why they would have armed security guards....?

On the treaty, it does look like TheDonald is, indeed, correct about the violations:

"The Russians have, in breach of the deal, developed a new medium-range missile called the Novator 9M729 - known to Nato as the SSC-8."

"U.S. authorities believe Moscow is developing and has deployed a ground-launched system in breach of the INF treaty that could allow it to launch a nuclear strike on Europe at short notice."

Why should we stick to an agreement that the other side violates?

And the girl is white, so all us "racists" are supposed to care, right? (Not that we'd even
know if they hadn't told us though. One wonders why this is getting so much play though.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, did you read the post? It was a Fox station. Same for tearing up the INF treaty, which I did not say was Trump’s fault.

B said...

yes, i did

dinthebeast said...

The "Indivertible" paper notes story selection above conservative slant as how Fox News operates as effective propaganda.

-Doug in Oakland

bmq215 said...

Lol, B. Taking "knee-jerk reaction" to new extremes.

Perhaps read the links before commenting on them. It's a much better look...

B said...

And here is where I fall on my sword.

I did read. Just not carefully enough. Saw ABC, Missed Fox.

Guilty as charged.

What sauce for crow?

Comrade Misfit said...

Honorable, B.

As for your question: Canned mushroom gravy, canned baked beans and a cold PBR.