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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Crossing Borders With Electronic Devices

I've written before of the folly of crossing into the U.S. with an electronic device.

That warning also applies to New Zealand:
Visitors to New Zealand can be fined 5,000 New Zealand dollars ($3,243) for refusing to provide passwords to unlock electronic devices and allow customs officials to examine them under a new law
Before you travel, get a burner phone and cross borders with it wiped clean.


FrankC said...

And reset the password to the default. "Beats me guy. Never could figure those things out."

3383 said...

"Yessir (Yes Ma'am), the password is fucKyoU. Shall I repeat fucKyoU for you? You did hear me say fucKyoU? I want to be clear."

Yes, it would be to a minion, but I bet the minions aren't asking everyone for passwords.