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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Klanmaster Donald

[Donald] Trump refused to condemn his fans in an interview with CNN. “You hated this article in ‘GQ’ about your wife, Melania. Julia Ioffe wrote it. Since then, some of your supporters have viciously attacked this woman, Julia Ioffe, with anti-Semitic attacks, death threats. What’s your message to these people when something like that happens?” Wolf Blitzer asked the presumptive Republican presidential nominee during an interview earlier this month. “I’ll tell you, I haven’t read the article, but I hear it was a very inaccurate article and I heard it was a nasty article… They shouldn’t be doing that with wives. I mean they shouldn’t be doing that,” he responded.

“These death threats that have followed these anti-Semitic,” Blitzer pressed Trump. “Oh, I don’t know about that. I don’t know anything about that,” said Trump. “You’ll have to talk to them about it. I don’t have a message to the fans.”
Trump's refusal to denounce the anti-Semitism of his supporters is getting noticed, and the GOP is worried.
From the Anti-Defamation League to the conservative Emergency Committee for Israel, Jewish community leaders say Trump’s divisive language, inconsistencies on Israel policy and sluggish response to anti-Semitism from within his base of supporters is reversing any progress the GOP had made in attracting Jewish voters. Even inside the Republican Jewish Coalition, some of the GOP’s most generous donors are backing away from their party’s presumptive nominee.
Another note, same tune: The RNC is bleeding Hispanic staff members. African-American staff members have been leaving, as well. Paul Ryan tacitly acknowledged that he's supporting a racist. Meanwhile, Trump's opinion is that anyone who points out Trump's racism is being racist. There should be little doubt that the Donald is on the same page as the "20 Minutes of Action" Dad.

There's only one person who might save the GOP from an epic beatdown on Election Day: Hillary Clinton.


Paul Wartenberg said...

I dunno. Hillary can play it cool, let Obama campaign for her to get his voting base to back her, and boom Bob's Your Uncle with the Democrats getting 67 percent of the popular vote and 42 states for the most lopsided Electoral count since 1984.

Trump's attacks on judges is not going over well either. If the polling reflects the media anger, we could be seeing the entire GOP dropping their polling (and chances to win) into the low 30s.

Bukko Boomeranger said...

It's only Democrats who are expected to have "Sister Souljah" moments. because they're trying to appeal to decent people, in addition to the ones who hate Republikkkan scum. But the dynamic of a movement that depends on the support of angry fanatics is that when Der Leader criticises ONE outrageous arsehole, then the other stinking sphincters in his mob start thinking (to the extent that they're capable of cogitation) "Hey, maybe he doesn't like MY putrid screeching either! Fuck him -- he's a wuss." The days when one could demand of a Repug "Have you no sense of decency?" are long gone. Pose that question now and you'll get "Fuck your political correctness, faggot!" thrown back at you.

Marc said...

Trump attacking the judge just shines more light on the GOP and their disregard for the judicial branch of government. It has brought back into the news the whole Supreme Court stall, since it is the Congressional leaders who are keeping the brakes on even talking to the nominee. I'm still having a dream that President Clinton nominates former President Obama to the Supreme court during her term(s), I'd love to see the GOP heads exploding over that, and see how they'd want a 'do over' of their obstruction of Obama's nomination.

3383 said...

Huh. I can support Obama for the Court.
Can she name a Chief Justice when there is one still sitting?