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Friday, June 17, 2016

Because It's Friday

N&W 611 wakes up and stretches her legs for 2016:

She is pretty.


Old NFO said...

She is really bright and shiny!!! And that steam whistle is music to the ears!!!

Stewart Dean said...

pulling a train of 8 light cars....while the diesel pulls a hundred or more of really heavy freight. And where do they water the monsters?
Love steam though........

montag said...

No caboose to complete the picture?

Comrade Misfit said...

Stwart, 611's a passenger loco, not a freight dog. The string of cars may have been to even out braking. And there is a second water tender behind the main one.

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky to live in Salisbury, NC; Spencer, NC is right next door, and is home to the North Carolina Transportation Museum.. The NCTM is actually the old Southern Railroad Spencer Shops main repair facility between DC and Atlanta. And it's become a major center for the restoration of old railroad locomotives and cars for other Museums.

N&W #611 was restored here and will be back this summer.. "Texas", a Civil War era locomotive is currently being restored. It's best known for chasing and catching raiders that captured the locomotive "General" in the "Great Locomotive Chase of 1862..

For more about #611 and other exhibits, here's the link:


- Jack the Cold Warrior