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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ah, the Sweet Taste of Schadenfreude in the Afternoon

Or irony, with a garnish of hypocrisy. Your choice of flavors.
Ken Starr will resign as the chancellor at Baylor in the wake of a report last week that accused several university leaders of not properly handling allegations of sexual assault. ... Starr already had been stripped of his role as Baylor president by the Board of Regents on May 27 following the release of the university-commissioned report that came down hard on the school for doing little in response to accusations of sexual assault involving members of the football team.
The moralistic prig who spent more than $50 million trying to hang Bill Clinton for sexual peccadillos (coming up with nothing for it) apparently wasn't savvy enough to figure out that if his underlings were doing bad things of a sexual nature, that maybe he ought to do something about it.


B said...

See, you think it was for Bills sexual affair. But it wasn't.

It was for Willies lies. The Media and the DNC (but I repeat myself) made you think it was for the sex. But it was for the lying under oath that got him.

But don't let the truth get in the way of your partisan rant.

Comrade Misfit said...

Independent counsels, including Starr, spent $80 million investigating the Clintons.

For which they managed to ding Bill Clinton for fibbing.

Bet your ass I'm enjoying seeing Starr roasted. Self-righteous prig has every bit of it coming to him.

Marc said...

Not to mention coming to light the various GOP leaders who were having their own 'marital difficulties' during the time they were sniping at President Clinton and fueling the outrage machine (oh, think of the children...). One reason I'd like to see Hillary become President, is that Bill would be in the White House again, and some in the GOP would keel over obsessing (you know they would) about two Presidents named Clinton and what they're doing behind closed doors...

Comrade Misfit said...


It's possible that in `17, Bill Clinton will be living in the White House and Dennis Hastert will be living in a Federal prison.

LRod said...

Clinton was impeached for an answer to a question that shouldn't have been asked.

Hand wringing conservatives made it out to be about the BJ (only one?).

And as to the images, my long standing description has been, "the instrument has yet to be devised that can measure my [insert adjective here: concern, interest, etc.] in [topic]."

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired.

3383 said...

I thought that, after parsing a simple question to death, the answer "I did not have sex with that woman" under oath was accurate.

Marc said...

3383: There is sex, and then there is SEX. Conservatives are against anyone enjoying sex (see slut-shaming statutes) and getting away with it. Now in certain places (airport bathrooms, high school gyms, mistresses apartment) 'stuff happens', but it's not sex, because nobody enjoys it after it becomes public knowledge.