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Friday, June 24, 2016


Holy shit! Now what?


Joe said...

It says here that the drop in the pound on international markets was so deep, that the UK has dropped from the world's 5th-largest economy to the 6th-largest. Behind France. That has got to sting.

Anonymous said...

Now the EU falls apart, that slimy crapweasel Cameron is ousted from the Tory party and somewhere above Maggie the Great and Sir Winston are hoisting a glass in celebration.


Borepatch said...

Time to dissolve the People and elect a new one.


avsutton said...

And Trump is celebrating because the drop in value of the pound mean that more people will come to his British golf courses since costs are more reasonable now.

What a moron. And totally unable to look beyond his own self-interest, no surprise there.

CenterPuke88 said...

The fun about tRump is that he's praising the "Leave" vote, in Scotland, where every reporting area voted to "Remain". Also, expect Scotland to be a separate country within a decade, and a member of the EU (Is it wrong to fantasize about a newly independent Scotland confiscating tRump's courses because of fraud conducted in his dealings?).

Old NFO said...

Now it gets interesting... Next up, Netherlands, then ??? France??? Scotland can't do anything on their own, they have NO industry other than scotch...

Comrade Misfit said...

Old NFO, the North Sea oil fields are off Scotland. But yes, other than haggis, whiskey and kilts, they don't have much, other than the Royal Navy's last shipyard.

Anonymous said...

I'd view this as a kick in the slats to Global Elitism. You can look at the voting breakdown here: http://lordashcroftpolls.com/2016/06/how-the-united-kingdom-voted-and-why/#more-14746
I would use both as an analog to the US presidential HRC is the global elitist.

Nota bene: I have trouble getting my Wordpress ID to work here, but I'm the Browning Hi Power guy.

dinthebeast said...

What now? Hopefully not WWIII. Maybe Cameron can go back to sticking his dick in pig's mouths again? Also heard some folks remarking on the irony of Germany being left to lead the opposition to the rise of neo-fascist tendencies on the march in EU countries.

-Doug in Oakland

Stewart Dean said...

Apparently the Scots were greeting Trump by waving Mexican flags.

Marc said...

Well, looks like there is a move in Ireland to become united, and with Scotland wanting to stay in the EU, I'd think 'United Kingdom' may become another victim of this vote. I really like how the exit folks are backpedaling from the £350/week increase to NHS. Being knocked to sixth place behind France is gonna sting, but I'm guessing the full extent of the vote on the UK economy will be known for a while.

BW Bandy said...

They go back to being a sovereign nation.

Paul Wartenberg said...

I'm seeing some commentary about the Leave vote tying into voter frustration over the more harsh austerity measures Euro nations placed themselves with after the economic crash of 07-08... and to be fair it's been EIGHT YEARS, they ought to let up on that plan by now if it's not working as promised.

But the biggest supporters in the political arena for Brexit were screaming about immigration, which raises my BS detector to 11.

Also bothering me is how the voters are acting post-collapse of the economy that they weren't even sure what they were voting on, which points to serious failures in judgment with EVERYONE - elected officials, media sources (damn you, Murdoch), voters - involved.

There are indeed genuine issues with the EU. But you work on fixing them with reforms, not by smashing everything and running away. 'Cause now we're seeing the consequences of short-term selfishness of the "populism" movement: it's not about reform for them, it's all about expressing outrage and nothing more. And once that outrage is used up, everyone's standing around sheepishly wondering what the hell they did wrong.