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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jesus, Bernie, Wake Up!

It's fucking over. You made a valiant try and went far further than anyone thought you would.

You've lost. Fold your tent and go the fuck home, already.


3383 said...

I don't blame Berni for being sulky. CNN called the nomination for Hillary long ago, and has slanted their coverage to the point they should just change to the Clinton News Network.
Both candidates came to my crap town (Vallejo, CA). Many more people turned out for Bernie, and people were excited about him. Hillary? Maybe some women are happy solely because she is also.
I still wrote in Paul Ryan, because I didn't get the Dem ballot.

Snowdog said...

Yep. The fix was in, Wall Street Banksters have their chosen one. All hail the Oligarchy.

hans said...

I'm surprised that so few know how this game is played. It's important, if you're seriously trying to make changes, to accumulate every vote, every delegate, every state, county and national party officer you possibly can - they'll be in place for years to come, many will run for office, some will win, and those who don't will have a voice in deciding who does get in. To quit before the end of the convention will dilute your power and hamper your ability to bring your people along. Does anyone think Obama gave Hillary Secretary of State because she was so perfectly suited to the job? Or JFK gave LBJ the Veep cuz he wanted a folksy hick for comic relief? Bernie has 45% of the party with him, and about the same of the independents plus a hefty helping of Repugs who just can't stomach Mr. T. Bernie ain't gonna stop until he's wrung out every benefit for his people and issues he possibly can.