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Sunday, April 3, 2016

No, Donald, They're Not Your Property

Donald Trump on Sunday called for John Kasich to drop out of the Republican presidential race, arguing that the Ohio governor shouldn't be allowed to continue accumulating delegates if he has no chance of becoming the nominee. ... "He doesn't have to run and take my votes," he said.
Trump doesn't have a right to a single vote until it's cast. They're not "his votes" before the voting.



dinthebeast said...

Get this, drumphy-poo: They're not your votes until actual voters actually vote for you in actual elections. You remind me of the goddamn RIAA talking about all of its money being stolen: that money isn't yours until someone spends it on your shitty products. Until then, it's still their money and they can still do whatever the hell they want with it.

-Doug in Oakland

Cowpoc said...

... and many of those votes will NEVER be his, under ANY circumstances.

Sevesteen said...

I voted Kasich in the primary--not because I liked Kasich but because it was the choice most likely to fully count as "Not Trump" in Ohio.