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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shorter North Carolina: "We Still Hate Your Kind, But We Want Your Money."

The governor of North Carolina has tried to "fix" his hideous state's pro-discrimination" bill.

There is no "rich history of diversity" when your state rammed through a pro-discrimination bill in less time than it took Andy Cuomo to fast-track his gun-ban bill in New York. The legislators passed and the governor signed HB2 so fast that one would have thought that "LGBT people" was the name of a category 5 hurricane bearing down on the state.

Sorry, gov, but telling companies that they can still hire whom they want to and that the state's putrid hurray-for-discrimination laws don't apply to private companies is a piss-poor bone to toss.

Nobody's going to be fooled. As the legislatures of some states continue to make haterade their official state beverage, companies that believe that it is in their best interest to be all-inclusive and who believe that talent and ability are irrespective of gender or sexual identity will prefer to locate in places that support those ideals.

North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee and the other states where the government listens to the Christian Taliban are swimming against the tide of history. Sooner or later, those states will be apologizing for their intolerance and begging for companies to consider doing business within their borders.


CenterPuke88 said...

You know what probably did it? XHamster (porn site) blocked its service to all NC IP addresses...threaten anything you want, but don't shutdown a rednecks access to gay and shemale porn!

Paul W said...

I think the NC governor is starting to remember that this really is an election cycle where Democratic and independent voter turnout actually goes UP over 55 percent unlike the midterms where turnout drops to the mid-30s. Given how a Trump or Cruz general campaign is going to have around 35-38 percent support, adding on to the DISLIKE pile is NOT a good idea come November in a Purple state aching to shift Blue again.