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Friday, April 1, 2016

"FireClean is Vegetable Oil"- the Streisand Effect

FireClean is suing the bloggers who first claimed that FireClean is little more than vegetable oil.

This is, in my opinion, a totally dickish move. FireClean is likely going to have to prove that the bloggers recklessly disregarded the truth, which is going to be pretty hard to do. "Members of the jury, here are the lab tests we had done and you can see that their gunk matches up almost perfectly to vegetable oil."

If it even gets that far.

No, Gentle Readers, this seems to be more a case of a company suffering butthurt and using the courts to squash its critics than anything else. It is a SLAPP suit, which is a dickish move.

And it is a really stupid one. The "FireClean is vegetable oil" posts pretty much blew over six months ago. But now, it's going to be resurrected. At every step of this litigation, bloggers will be writing about the "FireClean is canola oil" controversy. Besides the fact that canola oil is much cheaper, readers will be reminded of the dickishness of the people who own FireClean.

Which is basically the definition of the Streisand Effect.

UPDATE: Legal defense fund.


BadTux said...

I buy literally the cheapest gun oil at the sporting goods store. Way I figure it, cleaning your weapon after every use is far more important than the oil you use while doing so. WD-40 would probably work just fine, for that matter, though it evaporates a bit faster than I'd like. People say "WD-40 is anti-rust, not an oil!" but it is, in fact, light machine oil, mixed with Stoddard solvent, and that's what most of our weapons were designed to be lubricated with in the first place. The Stoddard solvent serves merely as a transport mechanism (and cleanser, of course).

Anybody hawking a high-fallutin' gun oil for literally four times the price of your standard RemOil (and ten times the price of WD-40) is hawking snake oil in the first place IMHO. Finding out that their snake oil is in fact cooking oil? Priceless!

Comrade Misfit said...

A jug of synthetic motor oil will last a lifetime.

WD-40 does a good job of killing primers, if you leave the gun loaded.

BadTux said...

I would hope that you wouldn't leave the gun loaded while you were cleaning it. ;)

But yeah, that's the other problem with the stoddard solvent. It's a pretty potent solvent and will carry the oil pretty much everywhere, including into your primers if you load the weapon before the solvent all evaporates. One reason why I stepped up a step to your standard RemOil-class gun oil rather than using WD-40.