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Friday, April 22, 2016

OK, So Maybe There is a Benefit to Global Warming

Technology giants including Facebook and Google face the prospect of their prestigious Silicon Valley headquarters becoming swamped by water as rising sea levels threaten to submerge much of the property development boom gripping San Francisco and the Bay Area. ... Without significant adaptation, Facebook’s new campus appears most at risk.
For Redmond, we'll have to hold out for an old-fashioned earthquake.


BadTux said...

I work near the Googleplex. It is extremely entertaining to walk down the street to the dike, and look *up* at the water...

Yeah, that's gonna work long-term :). But Google seems to be doubling down. They bought up most of our block and tore down the old one-story office warehouses there, and put up a brand new gleaming glass megalith in its place. The entire first floor of which is a restaurant open only to Google employees, I guess so that no office equipment gets flooded if the dike breaks, LOL.

3383 said...

Their incoming electrical is still on the bottom, so it wouldn't matter.

BadTux said...

Tell it to Google, not to me :). Putting their entire company in one area that is surrounded by water on three sides and has been sinking for the past 100 years due to subsidence caused by diking and draining the swamp is literally insane. Especially when you realize that the dikes were built by salt companies over 50 years ago to agricultural standards and were never intended to be able to protect the area from even big storms, nevermind a huge rise in global sea levels, and they're virtually unmaintained since the salt companies pulled out and turned over the former salt ponds to the parks district. But they're Google. They know everything. They think. (Cue eyeroll).

B said...

So they MIGHT have an issue in what, 30 years?


And I find it interesting that they talk about "Climate Change" causing sea level rise which will lead to local flooding, but the issue is really subsidence caused by local damming and draining.

BadTux said...

If the land is sinking, *AND* the sea is rising, well, that's gonna be a problem. Especially after an earthquake turns the soil to jello under those dikes -- they were *not* driven down to bedrock foundations, they're sitting on sandy sediments. If an earthquake happens, the problem is *tomorrow*, not 30 years from now... yet Google is doubling down. LOL.