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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Have to Tell the Story Right

There is a flap going on about Cal State University's trying to get the Former Half-Term Governor of Alaska to come out and speak about something-or-other.[1] A lot of the flap has to do with the somewhat outlandish terms for having said 1/2-term governor show up, including that all questions have to be pre-screened and that she travels in the style that she has recently become accustomed to.

But this is what caught my eye: Compare, if you will, this statement by Cal State President Shirvani, denying that they ever would have destroyed documents:
"We have absolutely never, nobody has been asked to shred any document regarding Gov. Palin."
with this one, by Cal State Vice President Gajic-Bruyea:
"We believe, and campus police are investigating, that someone broke into my office and stole the document from my recycling bin."
There is a little bit of inconsistency there, no?

[1]"You, Too, Can Quit Your Elected Office and Make a Shitload of Cash"

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