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Monday, April 26, 2010

Life in Soviet America, or Жизнь в Советской Америки

(From a comment left by Bridget)

An American citizen was arrested and held by the Immigration goons because he was (a) driving while Hispanic and (b) he did not have proof of citizenship on him. Apparently if you have brown skin and you live in Arizona, ICE requires you to carry your birth certificate or your passport at all times.

And this is before the local cops in Arizona join in.

How many people carry their birth certificate or their passport with them when commuting to work, going about their job or going shopping? If you were born in this country, do you carry proof of citizenship wherever you go>


Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Comrade Misfit,
Good post. I live in the People's Prison State of Arizona, and the police have been doing this for years. I don't know why they even bothered with a new law. All it did was publicize their brutal behavior.
For more on this subject, please see my own humble blog Here.


dbliss said...

I do. But only because I feel marginally less ass-raped by showing people my passport than by showing them my driver's license.

(Try spending 25 years without a driver's license or any need to drive and see how pissed off you get at people demanding to see one.)

Any time someone demands proof of identity it's a sign of the collapse of civilization.

BadTux said...

"This has nothing to do with racial profiling".

Bullshit. I have never -- *EVER* -- been asked for proof of citizenship by any law officer, ever, other than by a border patrol guard at the border while entering the country but that's a "doh" kinda deal. If you want fun and games, file a FOIA on ICE asking for the racial composition of those stopped and asked for proof of citizenship. They won't tell you. They'll tell you it's a State Secret. They'll tell you that you don't need to know. They'll tell you anything *but* the racial composition of those stopped and asked for proof of citizenship, because the reality is that 100% of those stopped by ICE and asked for proof of citizenship are *BROWN* despite the fact that at least 25% of all illegals in America are *WHITE* (but they're from European countries so that doesn't matter, right? Right?!).

No racial profiling? Bull fucking shit. Fucking liar spokeswoman ought to be ashamed of herself, spewing lies like that. Fucking tool.

- Badtux the Racially Profiled Penguin
(but in a GOOD way -- because I'm white).

Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

BadTux, true, but remember that anyone who is designated as a "spokesman" or "spokeswoman" is, by definition, a soulless, bald-faced and shameless liar.

It goes with the territory.

BadTux said...

EBM, not all spokespersons are shameless liars. Shameless, yes. Liars, not necessarily. I remember when Snotty McClellan was the Bush spokesperson. The dances he would go through to avoid spouting an outright lie were classic, he'd change the subject, he'd answer a different question, he'd use delaying tactics in hopes that if he delayed the questioner until the next press conference the questioner would forget the question, he'd use a number of tactics, but he was fairly careful to not just outright lie. You could see the flop sweat coming off of him at times as he tried to figure out how to keep from answering an inconvenient question, but he always managed to stammer out something that was, at most, vaguely misleading, rather than an outright lie.

But these ICE spokespeople are just shameless. A quick Google found another ICE spokesperson outright lying about racial profiling... the TV news station cuts from video of the ICE spokesperson lying, to video showing ICE agents clearly racially profiling by rounding up brown people while ignoring white and black people. I guess going to work for ICE requires you to inherently be a soul-less lying asshole who would have gleefully sent Jews to the gas chambers back in the day...

- Badtux the Sovok Penguin

Ruckus said...

My experiences with the border patrol and now ice has convinced me that they must have taken their personal selection and training manuals from WWII Germany. And the only updating has been in the use of technology to make the work easier. But I also have seen the same type of behavior from other countries border security people so maybe the job just attracts people with the same trait. That of being a major asshole for no good reason.