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Sunday, April 25, 2010

They Should Have Called it "Hit Girl"

I'm referring to the movie Kick Ass. For that kid stole the movie.

On another movie note, the humorless asswipes who are behind the movie Downfall have demanded that the parodies be removed. Good luck with that.

The parody made a very good point, besides the one that parody is indeed fair use, and that is that few people outside of Germany had ever heard of their fucking movie until the parodies began.


Terrant said...

I wouldn't ignore Big Daddy. That warehouse scene was pretty good too.

nunya said...

I needed to laugh today, thanks.

BadTux said...

The original author of the comic wanted to make Hit Girl and Big Daddy the main characters, but was afraid that nobody would buy a comic that starred a little girl. Thus he invented the nerdy superhero wanna-be as the main character of his comic. Given how little the movie owes to the comic (some basic setup but that's pretty much it), and given how obscure the comic book was in the first place (who other than comic geeks ever even heard of it?!), you're right, they shoulda just changed the name.

As for the notion of a child assassin being "unrealistic", back when I was working the psych unit I actually dealt with an 11 year old child who would have had no squeamishness about committing the number of murders that Hit Girl commits in this movie. To him, nobody other than he and his family was actually real. Everybody else was "them", other, not really a person. He wasn't crazy in a clinical sense, there wasn't anything actually wrong with his head, other than the fact that he was born into a violent drug family and internalized that violence from an early age. So when I hear people say "but an 11 year old couldn't be a stone killer like that!" I just have to laugh and shake my head. Because some people do not have a clue about what's really out there in, like, reality, as vs. the bubble universe that so many seem to live in...

- Badtux the Kick-ass Penguin