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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Information. Gone.

Eck! has a post up about the consequences of information that is thrown away because nobody needs it. Until decades later.

When I read her post, I thought about the recent replica that was constructed of a Farman F.E.2b:

They had some drawings, some parts, some photographs. But it is only a replica, in no way is it a restoration like the "dataplate" restorations some builders have done. The data isn't there. And there is nobody left alive who built or wrenched on the originals.

Once data is gone, it can be gone forever. One need only look at the various attempts to recreate the Wright Flyer to see that.

1 comment:

IllanoyGal said...

So the bottom line is that if, for some reason, we need the info from any of those programs (or to build one of those beautiful flying machines), we actually have to go back and reinvent the wheel!

Wonderful!! (sigh)