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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Proposal for the Next Mass Murder

It would seem to me that one of the things that those clowns all want to do is "go out in a blaze of glory" or martyrdom or something along those lines.

If we have the will, we can fix that.

This is my proposal: The next time one of these goons commits a mass murder, he becomes a non-person. All the facts are reported, except for his name. Nobody on the news or the blogosphere would speak or write his name. If we need to refer to him by a name, we use a generic one: Asswipe Loserman. If there are more than one shooter, as in Columbine, they become the Loserman Brothers: Asswipe and Douchenozzle. If a Loserman goes to trial, none of the reportage can mention his name other than "accused mass-murderer Asswipe Loserman." When he gets convicted, then his name is changed to "Convict No. ######", with a number to be assigned by the state prison system.

I'd even suggest making it a felony to refer to an Asswipe Loserman by the name he had before he committed the murders, but there's probably a real First Amendment problem with that.

Never refer to them by their names. Deny them the fame that they seek.


Phil said...

Because Asswipe Loserman intends to commit suicide anyway, he should do that first and spare everyone else the grief.

Comrade Misfit said...

Areed, but the Losermen want to achieve the fame in death that they were denied in life. If they had class, they'd either gulp down a bottle of Klonopins and wash it down with some cheap vodka or run a nice hot bath, lie in it, and slit their wrists.

The one thing they want is for everyone to remember their names. Let's deny them that.

Phil said...

Perhaps if we taught them the difference between fame and infamy . . .?