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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Wheels; Grinding

The fundraising prong of the [Special Counsel's] investigation is focused on money raised during the period between Nov. 3, 2020, and the end of Trump’s time in office on Jan. 20, 2o21, and prosecutors are said to be interested in whether anyone associated with the fundraising operation violated wire fraud laws which make it illegal to make false representations over email to swindle people out of money.
At least two grand juries in Washington are meeting every week about Trump and his advisers on multiple fronts, people familiar with the investigations said.

Betcha Cadet Bone Spurs didn't know that blatantly lying while fundraising constitutes wire fraud. "But I didn't know it was illegal" gets you nowhere.

Pass the popcorn, please.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

This is where I get lost -

"the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty"

Stewart Dean said...

Whatever, these days, consequences are what too many people know not whut of. Our parents fought, bled and suffered to provide for us a paradise (of sorts). Now we think it is ours in perpetuity, forever and ever amen.
For that matter, facts, science and focused effort are pretty far back in the running, too.

Where I am, based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015, the average for April is 60. It's 91. No climate change, no.

bohemia said...

"But I didn't know it was illegal" gets you nowhere. That is of course unless you happen to be one Clarence Q Thomas.