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Friday, April 7, 2023

STFU at Work, People

This is worth reading by everyone, at least the body of it.

Or take more time and read STFU. This test may tell you if you have a problem, in case you dn't already know it.

I run my yap mostly on this blog. I figure that I'm not forcing anyone to read it. In meatspace, I follow the principle that "an open mouth gathers no wisdom" (or "intelligence"). When I was practicing law, I sat through numerous continuing education classes where attendees were "asking questions" that were patently designed to show off to the room how smart they were. In a perfect world, the presenter would have been allowed to make a signal for that person to be frog-marched out of the lecture room and flogged.

Most people know if they talk too much. The compulsives don't.


JustMusing said...

TOFF has oral diarrhea. Never shuts up and listens to one except his inner demon.

I could go on, but....

Jones, Jon Jones said...

What does 15 mean?

dan gerene said...

When I worked for GM engineering doing 'hand's on' work occasionally we would have to sit through meetings. There was always a couple who had to spout their lack of knowledge when asked "Any Question". Their jobs always seemed to have the most problems that were always somebody else's fault. They are everywhere. Dunning-Kruger lives on.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Dan - side by each as they say in the UP.